Are You a Corporate All-Star?

Whether it’s delivering an outstanding presentation at an important trade show, winning over a client with an awesome display of creative firepower or simply going above and beyond on everything that’s asked of you, there are many obvious ways to score points with your boss.

Five Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Use Social Media

In preparation for the Social Media Marketing 101 seminar I’m leading for the New England Direct Marketing Association on March 3, I’ve been giving considerable thought to not just the mechanics of social media, but also to the guiding principles that apply to using this new form of online communications effectively.

The Six Fears of Facebook and Other Social Media Channels

Given my entrepreneurial, extroverted and -- some might say -- experimental personality, it's only natural that I started blogging in 2004 and have enthusiastically embraced Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, to name just three of the many social media communications channels and tools that are so wildly popular today.