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Leads from web traffic are the lifeblood of many companies. It’s vital that their sites continue to generate leads and product sales.

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SEO services can help to push your site to the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). However, many companies claiming to specialize in SEO sometimes use questionable practices that can result in clients being slapped with a dreaded Google penalty. Your search rankings, visitor numbers, and profits can evaporate overnight.

It can be a devastating blow to your business, but it isn’t necessarily impossible to fix. We can help you attack this problem head on, and get your site back where it belongs in the search rankings.

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Recovering from the various types of google penalties is a long-term process. but it can be done.

Google uses two primary algorithms to determine search rankings, Panda and Penguin. Both algorithms can trigger automatic penalties, while Google staff can also implement manual penalties. Understanding how they work is how we can prevent penalties in the first place, and reverse them for clients that have been sent to the search engine doghouse.

Google Panda penalty recovery

The Panda algorithm determines the quality and relevance of your website content as it relates to targeted keywords. A site penalized by Panda is typically guilty of thin, low-quality content, or has duplicate (plagiarized) content.

Recovery from Panda’s penalties begins with thorough keyword research. With this information, our writers can generate content and landing pages that focus on those keywords. The goal here is to replace the poor content with high-quality, informative articles and landing pages. Resorting to keyword stuffing or passing articles through a content-spinning program are not options—this sort of activity is what leads to penalties in the first place.

Over time, these content updates will reverse the Panda penalty, restoring your search rankings. Additionally, informative content can turn your website into a go-to authority in your industry for potential customers. This is admittedly a laborious process, but absolutely necessary if you want to reverse the penalty.

Google Penguin penalty recovery

Google’s Penguin algorithm detects and assigns values to the backlinks that point to your website. Penalties incurred from Penguin are the most difficult to reverse, and are also among the most common. The cause of this stems directly from the practices of poor-quality SEO firms. In the interest of speedy results, these companies will create thousands of links to your site from private blog networks and link farms. While this can bring you temporary boosts in traffic and search results, Penguin eventually catches on to these links, devaluing them and the site they are pointing to: yours. In extreme cases, Google will take manual action to remove your website from relevant search results.

To reverse a Penguin penalty, the Nowspeed team will gather a list of every single link that points to your site. We will then contact site administrators, asking them to remove the links. If the sites refuse to remove links, or are incommunicative, we will submit a disavow request to Google.

Removing and disavowing bad links to your site is only part of the puzzle, as your site will need backlinks to replace those that have been removed. We focus on building quality links to your website via press quotes, and by developing quality content that organically generates backlinks. Quality link building will not only help reverse the Penguin penalty, but also acts as a form of public relations, and can improve your standing among competitors.

Nowspeed can help you reverse the consequences of negative SEO and prevent future problems.

At Nowspeed, we know just how critical your website is in ensuring the success of your business as a whole. Our Internet marketing experts can help reverse these penalties over time, but our work does not end here. We will provide an action plan to ensure a steady flow of original content and relevant links to your site, driving more visitors, leads, and sales. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us today!

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