Web Development Services: Increase your traffic

Our web developers can deliver a custom website that enhances your brand and is easy to navigate and find online, and keep it updated with the latest security features.

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We use the WordPress CMS to develop quality websites.

WordPress is an open-source content management service (CMS) with the tools needed to develop stunning websites that make you stand out from the competition. Since it is Open Source, WordPress is constantly updated with the latest development tools. With an ever-growing community of users, WordPress is a secure, reliable, and easy-to-use application that allows us to optimize your site for best performance, even years after we build it. WordPress also allows us to incorporate simple-yet-effective animations, such as slides and fades, without sacrificing site functionality or negatively impacting SEO.

If you’re looking for professional web development and web hosting that ensures your site is secure and performs well, the team at Nowspeed can help!

Show off your company with a custom-designed and custom-built site.

You can try to build your site using a budget web development platform that comes with only basic tools, but that will inevitably leave you wanting more.

Nowspeed works with you to make your vision a reality. You’re the industry expert, so we listen to your wants and needs, work to understand your industry and customer base, and conduct our own research to put together a website strategy that gets you ranked on Google and noticed by the people searching for your services or products. Our in-house designers create the site layout, with applicable colors, images, and structure. Then it's off to our web development team, who develop the back-end infrastructure, before we add content and imagery, turning the design into an inspiring website that captures your audience, generates leads, and is secure and functional.

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Web Develop - Skilled Developers

We rely on skilled web developers, not templates, to deliver your website.

Our web development team can create a custom website that shows off the best your company has to offer.
As for themes, we custom design a site layout based on a modular page builder. This allows for design flexibility, and ensures that the continued functionality of your website does not rely on a single theme developer’s support. We can source or custom-develop plug-ins as needed to add any additional features you require.

We involve you in the design process as well, and use your feedback to refine the site prior to sending it into development.

Easy editability ensures your site continues to reflect your business’s identity.

An unchanging website with ever more outdated information is a turnoff for potential customers, and many suffer from diminishing search rankings on Google. Editing and updating website content might seem like a job only a professional web developer can accomplish, but that’s not the case: Beaver Builder, the WordPress plugin our web development team uses to build your site, makes it easy for any user to make edits directly on the page. It’s fast, flexible, and well-supported. Best of all? You’ll never be without guidance—we can explain how to use Beaver Builder, and we’re here to help if you need to publish a new service or product page, write new page copy, add images or graphics, and more.


Get more views, leads, and customers with a custom-built website.

Nowspeed is here to design and build a custom website that increases your visibility and shows off the products and services that your company offers. And with continued web hosting services, we can ensure your site remains updated and secure for years to come.

Have Questions About Our Web Development Services?

We want to make sure you're as informed as possible so you can make a great decision on what marketing company is best for you. Below is our FAQ about our process, details and more.

How long does a new website take to build?

Website development length depends on a number of factors, including site complexity, review time, communication, sourcing of imagery, and more. Generally, our websites take anywhere from 2 to 6 months, with longer build times occuring due to delays in communication or client-supplied information, such as photos. Generally speaking, our team can move as fast as yours.

Can you make edits to my existing, non-WordPress site?

We typically refrain from editing non-WordPress websites, because while we have the expertise to do so, working on websites built in other content management systems typically results in a high-budget project. Completing even simple tasks on a non-WordPress site can be time-consuming and costly, whereas we can more efficiently deliver results with a WordPress site. If needed, we can make basic edits to a non-WordPress site, but it is oftentimes more affordable to build a new WordPress website than to keep an older one on life support.

How do you ensure new websites work on mobile devices?

We develop websites with mobile friendliness in mind. Our graphic designers create a mobile design, and work with our developers to ensure the web page works properly on various devices, including phones and tablets. After the website is built, we test it on all of the most common devices to ensure the experience is consistent throughout.

What is the average lifespan of your websites?

The Internet is constantly changing with new features, metrics, and best practices. With this in mind, we suggest evaluating your website after about 5 years.

What will I need to provide you with in order to develop a new site?

You know your company and industry better than anyone, so we often refer to you for assistance in guiding our page copy, sourcing proper images, and more.

Do I own the site once it’s built?

Yes! We build the site, but once you have paid in full, you own it outright.

Will you continue to update my site after it is built?

We offer website maintenance and hosting services. If you opt to retain us for web hosting, then we will continue to update the site and ensure that it is secure after it is built and launched. We also offer ongoing marketing services, if you wish for us to continue to add to and grow your site’s content.

So let's

We're always excited to dig into the details of your company and what strategy can help you meet your goals. So let's talk and lay out a plan for success!