Case study: How Nowspeed Improved PPC Results — While Cutting Ad Spend

High-growth AI platform sees record numbers after thorough PPC audit and strategy revamp

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High-growth AI platform sees record numbers after thorough PPC audit and strategy revamp.

Dramatic improvements in results with a dramatic reduction in budget?

Yes, it really happened. When it comes to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, expertise and strategy beat raising ad spend any day.

And here are the results that back it up. Nowspeed helped this high-growth, AI-powered revenue intelligence platform transform its PPC campaign. In only nine months, we lined up the wins:

  • Demo requests grew 117%, reaching a new record number
  • Cost per demo request decreased 74%
  • Ad spend decreased 60%
  • Cost-per-Click (CPC) decreased 41%

Let’s get into the details:

About the company

This market leader provides an AI-powered revenue intelligence platform that automates manual data entry, increases sales productivity, and provides actionable intelligence across management tools. They are a high-growth company with significant funding that was looking to scale their advertising channels and accounts.

They approached Nowspeed driven by the goal to become the world’s most well-known and reliable revenue intelligence platform used by businesses across North America.

What the company aimed to achieve

The company was looking to cut advertising costs while increasing demo volume. They needed to increase the efficiency of their advertising channels. They approached us to not only help boost reach to their niche audience but also, more importantly, grow sales.

Furthermore, they were looking for an agile agency that could keep up with fast pace turnarounds and the changing paid marketing needs of their company as it grew.

They chose us based on our niche expert knowledge on PPC marketing to assist with their growth and sales goals.

Next steps

The first order of business was an extremely thorough audit. We reviewed the company’s entire account, looking to see what worked — and what didn’t.

Once we identified opportunities for growth, we focused on running experiments with different types of value propositions, various targeting strategies, and new in-market audiences. We also placed a heavy emphasis on consistent maintenance of the account, and extreme attention to detail.

How we capitalized on opportunities

Opportunities we identified and implemented included:

  • Launching net new campaigns with keyword opportunities identified through cross-platform keyword research
  • Introducing portfolio bidding across the account to optimize our budget towards results
  • Implementing new quality score focused landing pages to improve ad rank
  • With each of our optimizations, we saw our cost per demo decrease significantly.
  • We continued to increase efficiency across the account, which allowed us to increase demo volume, even with a decreased budget.

Could your PPC marketing use a thorough audit?

Before they hired us, the AI platform company sensed they were missing out but didn’t know just how many opportunities for growth we would find. Step by step, we optimized every aspect of their campaigns with an extreme attention to detail.

The impact (and we repeat ourselves): Much better results — for much less.

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