Top Keywords Used to Drive Traffic & Leads for Law Firms & Legal Services

Grow your law firm or legal services company with Nowspeed’s world-class digital marketing programs and learn how you can double or triple your visitors and lead flow! After reading the keyword research on this page,…

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Grow your law firm or legal services company with Nowspeed’s world-class digital marketing programs and learn how you can double or triple your visitors and lead flow! After reading the keyword research on this page, fill out the form for a free consultation, or learn more about our digital marketing services.

Time to kickstart your Google Ads campaign with the most important part- effective and detailed keyword research. Whether you are a successful legal services company or a small firm that just started yesterday, it is vital that you find the most relevant and highly searched keywords for your Google advertisements.

People are searching for related products and offerings every day, so the goal is to have your ad ranked at the very top of Google’s search results and we are here to help you get there!

Below you will find the industry keywords that have the highest monthly search volume. By targeting these keywords that are searched the most, you have an opportunity to serve your ads to many users who are actively searching about your industry on Google.

Keyword  Avg. monthly searches
lawyer          201,000
attorney          135,000
lawyers near me          110,000
personal injury lawyer            90,500
immigration lawyer            74,000
contract law            60,500
legal aid            60,500
personal injury attorney            60,500
attorneys near me            49,500
criminal law            49,500
divorce lawyer            49,500
family law            49,500
law firm            49,500
real estate attorney            49,500
divorce attorney            40,500
divorce attorney near me            40,500
divorce lawyers            40,500
employment law            40,500
family law attorney            40,500
family lawyer near me            40,500
real estate lawyer            40,500
criminal defense attorney            33,100
injury lawyer            33,100
civil law            27,100
medical malpractice lawyers            27,100
real estate attorney near me            27,100
family law attorney near me            22,200
business law            18,100
criminal attorney            18,100
immigration attorney            18,100
pro bono lawyers            18,100
types of lawyers            18,100
defense attorney            14,800
free lawyer consultation            14,800
free legal advice            14,800
law firms near me            14,800
law office            14,800
law offices near me            14,800
legal aid society            14,800
malpractice lawyer            14,800
attorney at law            12,100
corporate law            12,100
legal counsel            12,100
legal services            12,100
international law              9,900
copyright law              8,100
legal advice              8,100
legal assistant              8,100
malpractice attorney              8,100
wrongful termination lawyer              6,600
ask a lawyer              5,400
property law              5,400
free legal aid              4,400
find a lawyer              3,600
law careers              2,900

The legal services keywords with the highest search volume are “lawyer”, “attorney”, and “lawyers near me”, which are searched between 110,000 and 201,000 times monthly. These specific keywords and variations of these keywords should be included in your Google Ads campaign to generate the most traffic and visibility of your ads. Other top keywords include “personal injury lawyer” and “immigration lawyer”. Since users are searching on these terms, it makes sense to structure your ads and landing pages to target their search queries.

It is important to not only bid on these top keywords but to include them in your Google Ads copy as well. When you include the keywords that you are bidding on in your ad copy, you are more likely to attain a favorable Quality Score. Google’s Quality Score is a ranking system that determines the best ads to show with each search. Ads with a strong Quality Score will be shown more often, in higher positions, and at a lower cost. Including the keywords you bid on in your landing pages, as well as your ad copy, will also help to increase your Quality Score. By focusing on these top keywords in your industry, and including them in your bidding, ad copy, and landing page strategies, you will have a strong foundation for a successful Ads campaign.

Nowspeed’s PPC Management services team collaborates with you to identify your target market’s best search keywords and then builds a custom PPC campaign to deliver the best results. We identify and select the most strategic and competitive keywords and then we create powerful ads with enticing calls-to-action to drive results. Once deployed, a dedicated Nowspeed project manager monitors and strategically optimizes your program daily, including managing:

  • Ad Group Performance
  • Individual Keyword Performance
  • Keyword Bidding
  • Ad Copy Performance
  • Offer Alignment, including White Papers, Webinars, Videos

Through ongoing analysis, Nowspeed will see which words and messages are working and make specific updates to continue to optimize the campaign. Our team is also able to design and develop dedicated PPC landing pages or even design and write new white papers or other content to improve your results.

Pay-per-click marketing is a quick and easy way to achieve the marketing ROI your company needs. Reqeuest a free audit from our PPC management services team to learn more.

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