Medical Device Company Realizes Big Gains with Nowspeed PPC Campaigns

From no online presence to 23 million impressions, 402,000 clicks, and hundreds of conversions. That’s just some of the notable results that a Nowspeed-designed pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign generated for a client in Q1 of…

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From no online presence to 23 million impressions, 402,000 clicks, and hundreds of conversions. That’s just some of the notable results that a Nowspeed-designed pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign generated for a client in Q1 of this year.

Here’s the full success story:

About the Client

The client offers a groundbreaking, minimally invasive approach to a common medical condition. Before the launch of the PPC campaigns, the company had primarily used direct mail and brochures to reach customers. Other than a website, it had no online presence.

The move to digital marketing was a considerable leap, especially since the tightly regulated medical device industry requires meticulous attention to the wording of any product claims. But the company realized it needed help to build a wider, global customer base, and it reached out to Nowspeed to create a PPC campaign.

Next Step: PPC Campaign Creation

Nowspeed kicked off the engagement with several in-depth discussions with the client. Given the company was new to digital marketing, it was important to help the executive team gain a complete understanding of the purpose and goal of paid ads.

In the same vein, the Nowspeed team sought to glean as many details as possible on the product and the client’s overall business strategy to craft effective messaging and leverage the right keywords. Nowspeed constructed the campaign as follows:

  • Strategy: Nowspeed adopted a data-driven approach, optimizing campaigns from the start based on the client’s expectations and business goals. The focus was on getting every variable right from the beginning rather than having to backtrack and make major adjustments later on.
  • Targeting: The global scope raised the stakes for correct targeting. Going too broad would not be an effective use of resources, while going too narrow would limit lead generation. Nowspeed worked closely with the client to identify specific locations and demographic traits of the target audience to increase the effectiveness of the campaigns.
  • Special Features: The introduction of an eBook played a significant role in generating leads. While the company had a brochure with similar content, Nowspeed revised the focus to appeal directly to patients — the end users, in other words — rather than medical providers. With strong visuals and easy-to-digest copy, the eBook became the foundation for ad creation and continues to drive leads, even months after the launch.
  • Campaign Timeline: Nowspeed first launched a search campaign, followed by a display campaign six months later. Insights gained from the search campaign, which captures users who are actively looking for solutions to their particular medical condition, enabled Nowspeed to optimize the new display ads.

The Results

The company started to see results within a week or two of launching the campaigns. After three months of running both search and display campaigns simultaneously, the company was pleased with the high number of clicks and conversions as well as the low cost per click (CPC).

Highlights include:

  • 402,522 clicks
  • 23,669,000 impressions
  • 341 conversions
  • $0.11 cost per click
  • $133 cost per conversion

Way Forward

Nowspeed is continuously making adjustments to align the ads with the company’s evolving needs and priorities. Recent changes, for instance, have resulted in fewer but higher quality clicks and conversions. With the search and display campaigns firmly in place, Nowspeed is examining the potential of adding Gmail ads and Google Discovery ads, which use a single campaign to automatically display ads on YouTube Home and Watch Next Feeds, Discover, and the Gmail Promotions and Social tabs. The work to optimize PPC campaigns never stops.

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