How to Integrate PR with Digital Marketing

In a recent episode of “In the Now,” hosted by David Reske, CEO of Nowspeed, a profound discussion unfolded with Lisa Nickerson, Co-CEO of Nickerson Agency. The conversation illuminated a vital aspect of modern marketing:…

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In a recent episode of “In the Now,” hosted by David Reske, CEO of Nowspeed, a profound discussion unfolded with Lisa Nickerson, Co-CEO of Nickerson Agency. The conversation illuminated a vital aspect of modern marketing: the integration of Public Relations (PR) with Digital Marketing. This article distills their insights, offering a roadmap for effectively blending these two realms.

Understanding the Synergy

The first step in integrating PR with digital marketing is understanding the inherent synergy between the two. Digital marketing excels in targeting and reaching audiences through online platforms, while PR brings credibility and narrative strength. Nickerson’s insights reveal that combining these forces can amplify a brand’s message and extend its reach far beyond traditional methods.

Developing a Unified Strategy

Integration requires a unified strategy where both PR and digital marketing efforts are aligned towards common goals. This means coordinating content across channels, ensuring consistent messaging, and leveraging PR wins in digital campaigns. For instance, a high-profile media mention can be repurposed for social media, email campaigns, and website content, thus maximizing its impact.

Leveraging Earned Media in Digital Campaigns

Earned media, a cornerstone of PR, is invaluable in digital marketing. When a brand is featured in a news article, interview, or a high-profile blog, these pieces can be utilized in digital marketing efforts. Sharing these achievements on social media, linking to them in email newsletters, and featuring them on websites not only boosts credibility but also enhances SEO efforts.

Building Trust through Authentic Engagement

Nickerson’s comparison of the agency-client relationship to dating highlights the importance of trust and authenticity. In integrating PR and digital marketing, brands must maintain authenticity in their messaging. Trust is the currency of PR, and when leveraged in digital marketing, it can lead to deeper customer engagement and loyalty.

Adapting to the Changing Landscape

Just as navigating a hot air balloon requires adaptability to changing winds, so does integrating PR with digital marketing. The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and strategies must be flexible to adapt to new trends, platforms, and audience behaviors. Continuous monitoring and adjusting of strategies are crucial for staying relevant and effective.

Crisis Management and Digital Presence

In times of crisis, the role of PR becomes even more critical. Effective crisis management can protect and even enhance a brand’s reputation. Integrating these efforts with digital marketing ensures a coordinated response across all platforms, providing a unified front that can effectively address and mitigate issues.

Measuring Success

Integration also involves measuring the success of combined efforts. This requires identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) that reflect the objectives of both PR and digital marketing. Monitoring these KPIs helps in understanding the effectiveness of the integrated strategy and in making informed decisions for future campaigns.

Building a Collaborative Team

Lastly, successful integration requires a collaborative team that understands both PR and digital marketing. This team should work together seamlessly, sharing insights and leveraging each other’s strengths to create a cohesive marketing approach.


Integrating PR with digital marketing, as elucidated by Lisa Nickerson and David Reske, is not just about using multiple channels; it’s about creating a harmonized strategy that leverages the strengths of each to build a more robust, credible, and impactful brand presence. In today’s complex digital landscape, such integration is not just beneficial; it’s essential for any brand looking to make a significant impact.

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