Case Study: Global Insurance Broker Gets Big SEO Boost

From being overshadowed by the competition to making online waves with more than 3,200 newly ranked keywords in 12 months. The story of this global insurance broker shows the impact of a tailored SEO strategy….

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From being overshadowed by the competition to making online waves with more than 3,200 newly ranked keywords in 12 months. The story of this global insurance broker shows the impact of a tailored SEO strategy. Here’s how we did it.

Client Overview:

This insurance brokerage firm is a leading provider of comprehensive business insurance, personal insurance, employee benefits, and financial services with a national and international presence. With over 20 locations across the United States and London, the firm serves a diverse range of more than 30 industries. Despite their reputation for excellence, the firm faced a significant challenge in the highly competitive insurance services market, where established giants dominate the landscape.

Client Objectives:

The firm approached Nowspeed with a crucial goal: to increase lead generation among small businesses across the various industries they serve. Their primary challenge was to stand out in a fiercely competitive insurance market, where prominent players and established brands tend to get the online spotlight.

Solution: A Comprehensive SEO Strategy

Over the course of a year and a half, Nowspeed followed a multi-step process to boost the client’s online visibility, attract potential leads, and gain a competitive edge.

  • Initial SEO Audit: The project began with a comprehensive audit of the firm’s existing online presence. This involved examining the website’s structure, on-page elements, and technical aspects. We initially took care of basic SEO updates, such as optimizing meta tags, resolving 404 errors, and ensuring proper indexing.
  • Granular Keyword Strategy: Recognizing the importance of targeted keywords, we conducted in-depth keyword research tailored to each industry that the firm served. This included identifying unique, long-tailed keywords specific to individual sectors.
  • Content Enhancement: Content played a pivotal role in the SEO strategy. We made sure the blog focused on topics that hadn’t been previously covered and presented new keyword opportunities. Nowspeed also reviewed and updated existing industry-related pages, blogs, and events with improved titles, meta descriptions, content, and interlinking to include the newly identified keywords.
  • Interlinking and FAQ Pages: We identified opportunities to create interlinking pages, featuring FAQ-style content, rich in keywords. These pages directed traffic back to the industry pillar pages, further enhancing keyword rankings.

Results: Achieving Remarkable Growth

The implementation of this comprehensive SEO strategy led to significant improvements in the insurance brokerage firm’s online presence:

  • Keyword Growth: Over the past 12 months, the firm experienced remarkable growth, with 3,235 newly ranked keywords contributing to 176,000 impressions and 1,440 new clicks.
  • High-Performing Keywords: Certain keyword groups stood out, particularly those related to the cannabis industry, home healthcare, and small business insurance. Several keywords from the target list even achieved first-page rankings.

Key Takeaways for Success

Several key factors contributed to the success of this SEO campaign:

  • Content Optimization: The firm maintained a rigorous content strategy, publishing four new blogs monthly. These articles were driven by our SEO and keyword research, ensuring alignment with industry pillar pages and actively driving traffic and leads.
  • Strong Collaboration: A sense of mutual trust grew as the partnership matured. The firm granted direct access to the site and trusted Nowspeed to edit pages and blog posts. This streamlined process enabled swift updates and allowed us to tackle new content clusters every two weeks.
  • Clear Goals and Priorities: We set yearly goals and priorities and conducted quarterly reviews, ensuring alignment between both teams. This approach allowed for a defined strategy, efficient planning, and effective implementation without unnecessary back-and-forth discussions.

In conclusion, the insurance broker’s success in overcoming the challenges posed by a highly competitive market and increasing lead generation exemplifies the power of a well-executed SEO strategy. The commitment to content optimization, collaboration, and goal-driven planning has positioned the firm as a standout player in the insurance industry, with significant growth in online visibility and lead generation. Click here for your free audit!

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