Free SEO Audit

Many SEO programs are simply website QA programs that are not tied to any specific goals or success metrics. Nowspeed's SEO ROI audit will help you understand your current state, your competitive landscape, and what's possible. From there, we create a strategy and action plan with specific goals for your organic traffic growth. The best part is we measure the value we create in order to create a positive ROI. Our program brings situational awareness, specific goals, comprehensive action plans, and reports that measure the impact. Here are some of the issues we will review during your audit:

  • Non Indexable URLS
  • Missing SEO Elements
  • Duplicate SEO Elements
  • # of Low Content Pages
  • Keyword Rankings Below Page 1
  • Keyword Rankings vs Competitors
  • Low Traffic Organic Landing Pages
  • Landing Page Quality
  • Technical SEO Errors
  • Featured Snippet Visibility
  • Inbound Link Quantity & Quality
  • Google Analytics Errors