Tips for Identifying an Untrustworthy Website

Recognizing trustworthy versus untrustworthy websites can ensure that you are getting good information—and help you determine if your own site needs an upgrade.

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When was the last time you visited a website in search of information, only to close it after just a few seconds because you felt something about the site was fishy? Do you think your website is any better? Does it do a good job of keeping your potential customers feeling safe?

Here are some signs of an untrustworthy website. Find out if yours is one of them.

1. It Looks Like a Mess

There’s nothing wrong with availing oneself of website templates, but more often than not, many website owners make poor decisions when choosing templates, pairing them with an obviously DIY logo, which results in an unprofessional, uninspiring web presence.

⇒ Solution: Invest in proper branding. Shell out the money for a nice logo, as well as an experienced web design company that can deliver a pleasing design that will not only make your customers happy, but also make them convert.

2. It’s a Yawner

Does your website look like something taken out of the pages of a paperback novel? We’re talking about small fonts, walls of text, generic stock photography images, and no appealing color palette at all.

⇒ Solution: Websites should be usable, designed in such a way as to provide the information the reader needs in a clear and concise manner. Important text should be prominent, and images of your product, service, and logo have to be original and creative.

3. It Looks Old

A website that hasn’t been updated in months, or worse years, speaks volumes of a business’ commitment to maintaining their online reputation. If you can’t be bothered to update your site, what makes you think customers will trust it? Pushing promotions that expired years ago, failing to update your blog, and having no activity on your social media feeds are just some of the ways to drive customers away.

⇒ Solution: Take time to start a blog, don’t let your promotions get old, and if you don’t want to keep up with social media, don’t feature a social media feed on your site, or even link to your social media accounts. Whatever you include on your site, make sure you keep it updated.

4. It’s Hard to Find the Information You Need

Placing too many clicks or steps between the homepage and the information needed by customers is just another way of driving trust levels down, and driving frustration levels up. The more clicks a user has to make, the more likely he is to leave the website altogether.

⇒ Solution:  information must be arranged in a sensible manner, with the most visited pages in clear view for the user. Likewise, important information like your address, phone number and email should be in the footer on every page.

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