How to use Instagram Reels in your B2B Social Media Strategy

Digital marketing agencies are always exploring new, unique ways to grow a client’s online presence, keep reading to learn more about how to best utilize Instagram Reels your social media marketing strategy! B2B Marketers, are…

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Digital marketing agencies are always exploring new, unique ways to grow a client’s online presence, keep reading to learn more about how to best utilize Instagram Reels your social media marketing strategy!

B2B Marketers, are you feeling complacent in your social media strategy? Looking for a new and improved way to elevate your brand’s awareness and generate more attention to your products and services? Look no further because we’ve got a reel-y good idea for you: Instagram Reels!

It’s no secret that short video content is having its moment right now. With the launch and growing popularity of TikTok, Reels is also gaining traction and catching the attention of Instagram users. Several well-known brands including, Louis Vuitton, Sephora, and Red Bull have started leveraging Reels as a part of their social media marketing strategy and the results are too good to ignore.

  • Louis Vuitton gets an average of 7 Million views per reel
  • Sephora averages 453,000 views using Reels for makeup tutorials
  • Red Bull France has a slate of viral reels that are generating more than 2.4 million views

If you are looking to achieve that level of brand exposure, it’s time to follow suit and get familiar with Reels. Not sure where to get started? Keep reading for tips and tricks from our social media marketing team to use in creating your first video.

Instagram Reels: A reel-y Brief Overview

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s rewind and start with the basics. For those who are new to the platform or less familiar, Reels are simply Instagram’s version of TikTok videos. Reels enable users to record and edit 15 to 30-second video clips with music to share on their feed, stories, and the recently rolled out Reels tab. Instagram’s latest update actually puts reels at the forefront, relocating the Reels icon to the center of the navigation bar as shown below.









So… how will your organization reel-y do this?

Are you now thinking about how your brand could incorporate Instagram reels into your current B2B social strategy? Mixing it up using Instagram Reels will elevate your social calendar with additional content is that fun and personal. But, if you’re still not sure where to get started check out a few of our ideas below.

  • Show and Tell.

One of the biggest challenges for B2B marketers is conveying the value of your organization’s products and/or services through social media. Oftentimes, it takes a series of easily digestible social posts to fully communicate the impact of your business, and even then, your posts may be overlooked due to user engagement. With short video on the rise, you don’t want to pass up the opportunity to physically showcase what your brand has to offer! Leveraging the easy-to-use Reels option, you can highlight and display the benefits of your products or services in a fun yet engaging way.

  • Educate, educate, educate!

To complement reels that are product/service based, short-video content is also beneficial for educating your customers and potential prospects with tips, tricks, and valuable information pertaining to your business. Consider using Reels to answer FAQs or highlight features that heighten the user experience. These types of videos may also weigh into customer buying decisions and seal the deal on a potential sale!

  • Customer Testimonials… straight from the source!

Particularly for potential customers, satisfaction is crucial. Prospects want the reassurance that they are making the right decision by signing onto your services or utilizing your products. The best way to communicate and inform buyers of previous success stories is through client testimonials! Now, with Reels, you can create short videos so that potential customers can hear it from the source themselves: your current clients! This is a great way to demonstrate your brand’s ability to build trusting and meaningful relationships with your customer base and show how other, similar organizations are seeing an ROI.

  • Your people matter

In addition to customer testimonials, consider incorporating stories from your employees to reach potential buyers on a personal level. Prospects want to know who they are getting into business with. Through hearing testimonials from the people who make your organization what it is, they’ll feel more comfortable working with you from the start.

  • Build excitement!

Have a launch coming up? Get your customers and prospects excited with sneak peeks or behind-the-scenes footage! Achieving a certain level of transparency with your audience will generate interest and excitement around upcoming launches, events, etc., and give them a view into what the day-to-day of your organization looks like! 

Tips for a Reel-y Strong Strategy

Once you’ve decided how Reels will integrate into your existing social strategy, you’ll need to consider and maintain best practices. Ensuring that you’re adhering to your organization’s brand-specific guidelines and continuing to follow up on inquiries is a must for a successful social program. We’ve summarized a few reminders below:

  • Maintain Consistency

Stay on top of your posting cadence and ensure that messaging across all platforms is in alignment. Your reels should complement your social calendar and strategy that is already set, not throw it off completely! For businesses already using TikTok, consider cross-posting your videos to both platforms! This will ensure exposure to both audiences and is a great way to repurpose content.

  • Stay on brand

Pro tip! If you’re struggling to follow strict brand guidelines, use the eyedropper tool to color match the text! This will allow you to make the copy of your video the appropriate brand color.

  • Plan out your videos

Before jumping into your first reel, consider your audience first. What will they respond best to? What do they want to see? This will give you a broad idea for your clip, but it’s important that you make a plan or storyboard prior to filming. This will make ensure that you go into the production process with ease.

For more tips on curating successful Instagram Reels Content, click here.

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