How Nowspeed Helped A Big Software Company Grow PPC Conversions By 600%

How do you score big wins fast? Based on a brand-new case study, contacting Nowspeed is the answer. We helped this market leader in data backup software — they serve 100,000 organizations worldwide — dramatically…

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How do you score big wins fast?

Based on a brand-new case study, contacting Nowspeed is the answer. We helped this market leader in data backup software — they serve 100,000 organizations worldwide — dramatically boost conversions by revising their Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising program.

In total, conversions grew by 600% — and that was far from the only big win. Every single metric took a turn for the much better. As clicks skyrocketed, cost went down. Take a look at the year-over-year results:

  • +3,225 clicks
  • +1,716 impressions
  • -69% Cost Per Click (CPC)

How did we do it?

First, let’s introduce the client. Then, we’ll go through the process on how we generated a record number of conversions.

About the client

Our client is a market leader in providing backups, restorations, and copies of critical information stored in eight SaaS applications. They are currently trusted by over 100,000 organizations globally. This high-growth company had received significant funding and was poised to scale their advertising channels and user base.

They approached us with a big goal: They wanted to become the world’s most well-known and reliable data backup software for protecting critical SaaS and cloud data for businesses globally. In short, they were looking to gain growth traction fast. Boosting reach to their niche audience was a key objective. But, more importantly, they also wanted to grow sales.

The company was looking for an agile agency that could keep up with fast-pace turnarounds and the changing paid marketing needs of their company as it grew. They chose Nowspeed based on our niche expert knowledge on PPC marketing to assist with their growth and sales goals.

Our process

To summarize, the process looked like this, from start to finish:

  1. Audit
  2. Identify Opportunities
  3. Restructure and Rebuild
  4. Optimize

The first order of business was an extremely thorough audit. We reviewed the company’s entire account to assess what worked — and what didn’t.

Once we identified opportunities for growth, we focused on running experiments with different types of value propositions and various targeting strategies. We also placed a heavy emphasis on consistent maintenance of the account, and extreme attention to detail.

Opportunities we identified and implemented included:

  • Launching new campaigns for new product releases and supporting early access to products being beta tested.
  • Launching campaigns on new channels such as video, display, and performance max.
  • Frequent landing page, creative, and keyword tests to optimize campaign performance.

As this global backup software company scaled their business, we scaled their accounts.

By increasing ad spend, the leads we were generating increased proportionally, and expanded the client’s user base significantly. How about a peek at the year-over-year results again?

  • +3,225 clicks
  • +1,716 impressions
  • -69% Cost Per Click (CPC)

Are you getting the most out of your PPC campaigns? Or, are you wasting money on ineffective keywords and missing out on leads?

A comprehensive audit is the first step to finding out how well you’re really performing. That’s how we kicked off the engagement with the backup software company. Then, we identified gaps, rebuilt the campaigns, and optimized based on results, down to the very last detail.

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