What has Nowspeed been up to this Month?

Nowspeed is Now in Boston!
We are excited to announce that we have expanded! Nowspeed has a new office location in Boston at 320 Congress Street, Boston, MA. It’s a great location, near the Children’s Museum one block from Fort Point Channel.
320 Congress St Internal
New Mobile and Responsive Websites Launched
Our Creative Team continues to produce awesome mobile & tablet responsive websites for our clients, including two new sites launched last month. Check out our latest work!
New SEO & Social Media Marketing Content Services from Nowspeed
Improving your organic visibility is critical, but is your company pushing all relevant, searchable content to get the results you need? Learn more about our Search, Social Media, and Content Marketing services. Or contact us for a Free Consultation.
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We Love our Clients!
“Nowspeed’s expertise and “out of the box thinking” in helping us strategically deliver targeted content is a key value to improving our audience’s content journey.” – Hitachi Data Systems

Lead Nurture Campaign Step 6 – Marketing Automation Software

Once you have a solid understanding of your market segments and your customer’s buying cycle, and you’ve created the content and emails for the campaign, and you have determined the timing and triggers for the program, you’ll be ready to set up your Marketing Automation software.

The marketing automation software platforms will connect to both your website and CRM system and should make it easy for you to set up the email campaigns, triggers and move leads into the CRM system when they are ready.

Part of the set up will include linking the offers and landing pages on your website to the automation tool so that your lead nurture program will start when a new user registers.  You can also load existing contacts in the system to move your house email list down the lead nurture path.

The software will also give you the ability to set up the marketing automation rules you’ve created.  For example, you can tell the system to send the first nurture email 2 days after a user registers and the next touch point 7 days later.  You can also put in logic that prevents an email from being sent if the user visits a specific web page or is contacted by the sales team.

Many of these systems also include a Lead Scoring capability which watches the user’s behavior as they respond to emails or visit the website, and assigns the user a score based on criteria you define.  You can then set triggers based on that score such as asking a sales person to call, or sending a follow up email.

For more insight to help you build a complete Lead Nurture program, download the entire white paper here.

Lead Nurture Campaign Step 2 – Understanding the Buying Cycle

In order to build a solid Lead Nurture program you must understand your customer’s buying cycle in order to create content that naturally moves prospects through the process.

Each product or service has a specific buying cycle and organizations describe the cycle in a variety of ways.  A common way to think about this is using the following sequence:

  • Awareness – In this phase the prospect is trying to understand what they need, and what potential solutions exist.
  • Consideration – In this phase they are evaluating alternative solutions to their problem.
  • Purchase – In this phase your prospects are evaluating products from different companies to decide which one to buy.

We all go through this decision process for our own consumer purchases, and organizations go through the same steps for larger business purchases.

Let’s say that I’m interested in buying a new video camera for personal use.  I have a camera now that is five years old and somehow feel that there should be something better on the market.  My first step in the awareness phase would be to do some research to see what’s new in video camera technology and features.  I’ll be asking questions like:  Is HD readily available?  What types of zoom lenses are there? Who are the major manufacturers?  How do cameras connect to social media sites and my wireless network?  I’ll finish the awareness phase with a good understanding of what’s available and what I need.

After I do some research to understand these issues, I’ll move into the consideration phase.  Here I’ll look at different alternatives from the manufacturers I researched in the first phase, and get more detailed information.  I may watch a video showcasing how their current customers use the product and I’ll probably try one out for myself at a store.  Ideally I’ll come out of the consideration phase with a good understanding of the one or two products that I want to buy.

In the last phase, purchase, I’m looking to buy the product and I’m interested in getting the best price.  I might go to a store or two and shop online to find the best price from a supplier I trust with the service, warranty and payment options I’m looking for.

If I register to receive more information at the time I’m researching technology and features, and the manufacturer sends me a “coupon” deal, it might accelerate my purchase, but more than likely, I won’t be ready.

Ideally they should send a series of content that gradually moves me through the buying cycle over time.  A series of content that might be appropriate would be; a technology guide on HD video or lens quality, followed by a comparison guide or user testimonial, and finally a discount or free shipping offer to encourage purchasing. The manufacturer can’t know exactly how fast I will move through the buying cycle, but at least they will be sending me a stream of relevant content that’s appropriate to the way most people buy.  They can also ask me where I am in the buying process as they send me more content.

Although this sounds simple enough, although most companies simply send the same content to their entire list over and over again.

Only by clearly understanding your customer’s buying cycle, can you create the content and emails necessary to drive an effective Lead Nurture program.

For more insight to help you build a complete Lead Nurture program, download the entire white paper here.

Lead Nurture Strategy Overview

The leads you collect today aren’t necessarily ready to buy immediately.  Some of them are, of course, but others may still be researching potential products or solutions and are not ready to make a purchase decision. Your existing customers may also be leads for other products you sell, or be interested in buying more of the products or services they already buy.

By leveraging your own qualified list of customers and prospects, you have the ability to shorten the sales cycle and generate additional revenue.  The lead you collect today is a lead that may need to be gently and strategically nurtured to become a customer.

In order to build a strong program to nurture leads, you need to take the following steps:

  1. Decide which segments you would like to focus on for the lead nurture program
  2. Identify the buying cycle for each segment
  3. Create email messaging and offers specific to the buying cycle of each segment
  4. Think through the Touch Points, Triggers and Timing for the email campaign
  5. Design the email creative and produce all of the content
  6. Implement the lead nurture strategy using a marketing automation or email tool
  7. Develop a personalization and testing strategy

By carefully implementing each step in the process, you can create a lead nurture program that effectively turns contacts into sales-ready leads.

For more insight to help you build a complete Lead Nurture program, download the entire white paper here.

Nowspeed News: Got Speed?, Pinterest and Anniversaries

Greetings Bloggers! I hope you are all staying cool in these extra toasty summer days.

Everyone at Nowspeed is excited about our upcoming annual summer outing which will be held at a F1 Boston in Braintree on Thursday, August 2nd. While the level of car racing experience in the Nowspeed office varies quite a bit, we all hope that we can live up to the company name!

Our team has been busy pinning marketing, social media, infographics and other industry images on our Nowspeed Pinterest account. If you are on Pinterest, please visit our boards or if you’d like an invite to Pinterest simply email and request an invite in the subject line.

In June, the Nowspeed team celebrated our 9th year in business! The team enjoyed a delicious Italian meal nearby, see picture below. To see more fun pictures of the Nowspeed team, please like our Facebook page.

We’d love to hear how your summer is going as well! Feel free to comment on our post to fill us in on how your marketing efforts are going.
Hope all is well!