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How to Build a Winning SEO Strategy: Link Building

When it comes to having an effective SEO plan, inbound links is a very important part of the search engine’s algorithm, which determines how your keywords will rank in the organic search results. Each link is essentially a vote for your site’s content. And the more votes your site has, the more popular you’ll be in search engine results.

It is very important, therefore, to get as many high quality inbound links pointing to the most important pages of your website as possible. When you build links, make sure that you use keyword seeded anchor text across multiple web sites to increase your inbound links. You can get links by signing up with directories, issuing press releases, getting partners to link to you, linking from your own microsites, posting on social media sites, etc. There is an almost limitless amount of ways for you to get links, but all of them take time and effort. As you build links, keep track of how Google views your link building progress through Google webmaster tools, to make sure you are focused on getting links that will make a difference.

Don’t forget to include internal links to your most important pages to help spiders easily identify which pages they should pay closer attention to. Visitors will also benefit from internal linking since you’ll be promoting related or more in-depth information on a given topic. Also don’t forget to optimize your anchor text on these internal links as well. To learn additional techniques to rank better on search engines, please download our white paper, “How to Build a Winning SEO Strategy.





Using Internal Links to Boost SEO

If you have been involved in SEO link building, you know how time consuming it can be to find related sites that are willing to provide a link back to your website. But, one often overlooked opportunity for link building is right within your own site.

Internal link building can help provide clues to search engines as to which pages of your site are most important and which deserve more attention.Just like inbound links count as a vote for content, internal links work much the same way. Pages within your website that have higher internal links pointing to them are typically more important to your site’shierarchy of contentand the search engines will reward those pages over time.

A benefit of using an internal linking strategy is you can control the anchor text for your internal links. There are a few ways to implement internal links but it is best that it the tactic is well thought out and structured, as consistency will produce the best results.

Internal linking can be something as simple as linking body copy text to other pages when referenced within your site’s content or the introduction of related content links that promotes other articles or content on a similar topic. Providing links to more related information is also a great way to increase visitor engagement metrics – getting your site visitors to click into other pages on your website to increase site page views or stay longer on your website to improve time spent on site.

A more technical approach for building internal links is to incorporate breadcrumbs or footer links within your website. The advantage to using one of these tactics is users gain a secondary navigational aid, the linking becomes almost automatic as new pages are associated to sections within your website and search engines like Google are now indexing breadcrumbs and presenting to searchers within the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Baby steps to increasing web visibility

You have heard the expression about the cobbler’s kids and their shoes, well even those of us in online marketing need to step back every once in awhile and take an inventory of what new assets can be leveraged to help improve web visibility.

Recently a software vendor wanted to create a video testimonial as to how we use their tool to engage with our clients and share information. The vendor hired a small production staff come to our office and shoot the footage. A month or two later, talk of the video surfaced during an internal meeting. A quick surf over to youtube and low and behold… there it was. After making the rounds to co-workers and colleagues it got me thinking….. Here is a video that talks about our own organization that costs us nothing to produce.

Now I don’t foresee the video being the most watched video on youtube, or even casting directors to be beating down the Nowspeed office door , but the video shows our organization in a professional light and with universal search more main stream a quick search in Google for “nowspeed generate leads“ produced 2 results for the video.

The lesson to take away here is to look at any new creative, testimonials, surveys and see how they can be leveraged on the web.

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