Online Video Marketing Trends And Stats

Online Video Marketing Trends & Stats

The constantly changing world of digital marketing is evolving at record speeds. As a marketer I’m sure you’ve heard about it, read about it, talked about it and probably sat in industry events hearing about it. YES, Video digital marketing.

Video has evolved into a must have for savvy marketers. With more and more information being pushed to the masses the less time people have to read through large documents, read training manuals, research prospects and more. So how do people consume so much information daily with so little time? And better yet, what can you do to get a piece of their attention? The answer: Use video as part of your marketing strategy

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How to Use AdWords Scripts to Optimize Paid Search Performance

How to Use AdWords Scripts to Optimize Paid Search Performance

See our Top 5 Scripts and Learn How to get Started Today

What Are AdWords Scripts?

AdWords scripts provide the opportunity to automate, customize and control your AdWords account with a simple JavaScript code. Scripts allow account managers to go beyond the provided tools in AdWords by leveraging external factors.

Why Should I Use Them?

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The Buyer’s Journey: Digital Marketing & Online Behavior

The Buyer’s Journey: Digital Marketing & Online Behavior

A few weeks ago, I asked work colleagues to share their own experiences on how they interact with a brand and convert on the web. The exercise was to screen capture the process and tell their story on the path of the buyer’s journey. Amazingly, we were able to find some common trends, as well as few unique instances. [Read more…]

Swimming with the Sharks: The Formula to Startup Success

Whether you watch because you’re a huge reality TV fan, love watching dreams come true or enjoy it from a business angle, “The Shark Tank” continues in its fifth season of success on ABC with almost 8 million viewers.

The Tank showcases entrepreneurs pitching ideas to a group of potential investors. This infographic shows their formula for success, offering sound advice for business startups. It gives valuable tips and advice for upcoming entrepreneurs to either “sink or swim”.

Using examples from some of the best and worst concepts presented, both those that were accepted and rejected, it gives valuable insight for business startups. [Read more…]