What’s New in Social Media Marketing in 2018

What’s New in Social Media Marketing in 2018?

What’s your biggest social media marketing pain point? Measuring ROI? Relating social activities to business goals? Keeping up with the ever-changing networks? Maybe you haven’t implemented social media into your marketing plan yet and you’re wondering if this Snapface and Instabook all the kids love can really help your business. Look no further, because the answer to your social media questions is here.

Nowspeed’s Social Media Marketing Manager, Jillian Wallace, has a wealth of insights gained from years of experience in the digital marketing industry. You can gain access to the vault by tuning into Nowspeed’s latest webinar to learn all about the latest and greatest updates to every major social media platform. Topics covered will include:

  • Facebook’s News Feed overhaul and what you can do to stay relevant
  • Instagram’s new tools making the platform more important for marketers than ever
  • The latest Snapchat feature roll out making it impossible for brands to avoid the platform
  • The newest updates to LinkedIn advertising (spoiler alert: native video is coming FINALLY!)

Social media is continuously growing and changing. What worked for your company last year may not yield the same results this time around. Stay ahead of the competition by keeping up with the latest trends in social media.

To learn more about What’s New in Social Media Marketing in 2018, watch the webinar!

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