What’s New In LinkedIn and Facebook Marketing for 2019?

What’s New In LinkedIn and Facebook Marketing for 2019?

A new year is upon us and Social Media continues to evolve as existing players roll out updates to tools, features & advertising options, and new platforms try to make waves in the very competitive social landscape. Recently, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram have all announced exciting new features or changes to their platforms. In our webinar “What’s New In Social Media For 2019?“, we detail some of the latest updates and innovation to hit the major social networks. Here’s a look at what’s happening this year on LinkedIn and Facebook. Learn more about Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks to watch in our upcoming blog post or webinar.


Live Video

Live video has finally made its way to LinkedIn. Other social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have been offering live video to users and brands for years, so LinkedIn is just now catching up to this major trend in social networking. Although it’s not fully available to all users yet (current in a U.S. beta launch by invite only) this new feature could be huge in the B2B space where companies rely heavily on LinkedIn for their social presence & engagement. We know video is the preferred social content of users and live video ranks top among what users like to see. A full roll-out will hopefully come later this year and will be beneficial to how companies promote events, product announcements, webinars and more.


On the content side, a new content suggestions tab has rolled out to company pages. This new feature is making it easier for brands to find the best thought leadership & curated content to share with their followers. Page admins can sort by different filters like keywords, industry, location and more to find the content that is likely to drive the most engagement with their audience.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are continuing their comeback after a major re-launch last September. Since then, engagement has doubled driving LinkedIn to add new features to groups to make them more user friendly. Soon, admins will be able to receive notifications of all new posts. Later this year, updates to come include the ability to recommend important conversations to members, require approval of new posts in groups, and upload a cover image to group pages. This move comes as Facebook has increasingly made groups more accessible for company pages so LinkedIn needs to continue to innovate to keep professionals engaging on their site.

LinkedIn Advertising

In the LinkedIn Advertising world, Interest Targeting, is rolling out allowing marketers to reach members based on professional interests and the content they share and engage with on LinkedIn. Over 200 categories are currently available including AI, Global Economy & Customer Experience.


Facebook Advertising

Facebook continues to dominate the social world, holding steady in having the most active users within their networks. To keep up with increasing demands for new features both by brands, they continue to roll-out new, innovative products to drive advertising spend on their platform. Coming in September 2019, almost all Facebook Advertising Budget control will move to the campaign level (this includes existing campaigns) and control ad the ad set level will be limited to setting minimum and maximum spend limits. This will allow advertisers to set one central budget for all ad sets and allow Facebook to automatically & continuously distribute budget in real-time to top performing ads, ideally resulting in lower CPCs and CPAs.

Facebook Groups

Similar to LinkedIn, Facebook has also put a large emphasis on updating their Facebook Group’s functionality. The biggest updates recently coming to brands as company pages now have the power to join groups and participate in activity (previously only employees or individuals could engage in a brand’s group). Other new features include new formatting tools for admins, the ability to filter member activity by date range and searching through membership requests by name.

Learn more about Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks to watch in our on-demand webinar.

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