What’s New In Instagram & Twitter Marketing for 2019?

What’s New In Instagram and Twitter Marketing for 2019?

Recently, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram have all announced exciting new features or changes to their platforms. In our webinar “What’s New In Social Media For 2019?“, we detail some of the latest updates and innovation to hit the major social networks. Here’s a look at what’s happening this year on Instagram and Twitter. 


Instagram continues to be the most popular social networks among Millennials and younger audiences. Brands are recognizing the need to have a presence and strategy to reach their audience here and Instagram continues to roll-out new features to make the network more appealing to marketers. Most recently, Instagram released the ability to share a single post to multiple linked accounts at the same time. The is great news for brands with sister companies or franchises where each location has its own profile. This new feature is only applicable to the feed, but hopefully it will become available in stories soon.

Instagram Shopping continues to include new features, allowing it to become more competitive with Pinterest. Users can now save products to their “Shopping Collection” and use it as a catalog to easily purchase products via the app. The Shop Tab has also fully rolled out to all brand pages, making it easier for users to find items that companies are listing for sale within their Instagram page.


Twitter hasn’t released too many updates recently. But the new enhancements they have rolled out come in the world of Twitter Analytics. A new Audience Analytics dashboard will now be available to help brands better understand what content is resonating with readers. It will offer insights and analytics on who’s reading and engaging with a brand’s content, when it’s being viewed and which content works best allowing for brands to optimize their content strategy to drive the most engagement.

The new Events Dashboard, will track real-time information for current and future events including braking news, events, conferences and more. It will help brands better plan their event participation, content and advertising strategies.

Social Networks to Watch

Of course when we think of Social Media, the big names of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram come to mind. But there is always room for a new player to take us by surprise and gain momentum in a very competitive landscape.


TikTok is a music focused app (formally Musical.ly) that can be seen as a direct competitor of SnapChat. The network is growing quickly among young users as they turn away from Facebook and SnapChat. Users can share short-form mobile videos directly from their phones to show their creativity and make fun, unique content. For marketers, it’s important to note that advertising is now an option in TikTok. Ads can be seen running immediately after the app is opened or within the feeds.


Vero is a newer network where users can share music, movies, TV, photos, links and more. As an Instagram competitor, it has some features that others dislike about Instagram like a non-algorithm based feed. This is great news for brands who find it increasingly difficult to get their content seen on Instagram, so Vero may be a good choice to get in on early. Vero saw massive growth in 2018, as influencers and artists flocked to the social network to share their content in “collection” form. There are currently no advertising capabilities, but with any other social network, Vero will most likely look to monetize the platform for brands at some point.

Like every other year, 2019 is gearing up to be an exciting one for Social Media. There will likely be more major updates released by each social network as they continue to evolve and become more appealing for users and marketers.

Learn more about Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks to watch in our on-demand webinar.

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