What’s New in Adwords: New Year, New AdWords Experience

What’s New in AdWords:

New Year, New AdWords Experience

Do you find yourself selecting “Return to previous AdWords” each time you are brought to Google AdWords BETA? Don’t be intimidated, we are here to help you make the final switch to this new, awesome experience! With the new AdWords updates, you will improve your account’s campaigns and gain in-depth insights while saving time, for no additional cost. Yes, of course the platform will take time to get used to, but fortunately, you will find exclusive features, benefits and tips that will help you navigate Google AdWords latest update.

Exclusive Features that are not available in the previous AdWords:

1. “Overview” Page- accounts’ performance at a glance.
Easily analyze data and insights about your account’s campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords, etc. The page offers interactive graphs and tables, so you can better understand how your account is performing.

2. Audience Manager
Creating audiences will be easier than ever! Target different custom audiences by creating audience lists. This new experience allows you to view data sources available for remarketing and YouTube remarketing lists.

And Gain Audience Insights:

3. New Ad Extension: Promotion Extensions
Looking to promote your New Year limited time offer or Valentine’s Day special sale? Well, now you can easily include promotions and offers as part of your Search Network Ads. The feature allows you to customize the specific occasion, discount type and date ranges.

Select “Ads & Extensions” right from your account’s dashboard:

These are only a few of the many incredible new features Google AdWords has to offer and now is the time to make the switch! These new features and updates will allow you to drastically improve your campaign performance and reach your business’ goals. Take advantage of this platform and spend 2018 bringing in new customers and making more sales.

For more detail on what’s new in AdWords, watch the webinar!

Let’s start accelerating your success.

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