What’s New in Hootsuite

What’s New in Hootsuite

In social media marketing, it’s critical that we utilize tools to increase our productivity, better our time management, and provide the most accurate insights to analyze our campaigns. Hootsuite is a social media management platform that integrates with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms, and is a useful tool to help schedule posts ahead of time, monitor activity across your channels, and discover new insights based on analytics.

Like any online platform, interfaces and services are constantly changing to better their customers’ experience. So, what new opportunities do we have within Hootsuite?

New Analytics

New metrics have been added, including Retweets For Published Tweets by Account, Net New Followers by Account, Replied for Published Tweets by Account, and more.

Twitter metrics can refresh every 24-hours.

Engagement and new follower metrics have been updated based on different criteria.

Facebook posts with link previews can no longer be customized unless your Facebook page is verified.

After December 18th, a company’s domain must be verified before the customization of a link preview is allowed to reduce the misrepresentation of link content. Click here for more information.

Access restrictions for non-secure browsers will be effective on March 15, 2018.

Access to Hootsuite platforms will no longer be available through non-secure versions of Internet Explorer and Android. It will require at least version IE 11 or Android 4.4.

It is important to stay informed with the latest updates on Hootsuite to ensure you are making the most efficient and effective use of this social media management tool. Check back in with the Nowspeed blog regularly to stay on top of “What’s New” with all digital marketing tools and trends.

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