What marketing programs will work best for me?

Our clients are constantly asking us to recommend the marketing programs that are most effective so that they can achieve their goals.  They want us to put together programs that use their limited dollars most efficiently and get their highest ROI.

While we know what works best for our existing clients, we wanted to validate this experience across a wider audience, so we polled our entire database of contacts and got insightful answers as to what techniques marketing professionals are using and what works best for them across a range of internet marketing tactics.

So, what do people use?  The four most used marketing methods were:

·In-house Email (92%),

·SEO (79%),

·Website Optimization (72%),

·and Social Media Marketing (63%).

What’s interesting about these methods is that none of them require media costs.  What’s more, all of them can be executed relatively inexpensively with smart people (in-house or through an agency) creating content and deploying it effectively on the web through email, websites or social media sites in a way that creates a marketing outcome.

The lesson from this clear… take advantage of what’s cheap and easy on the web until you need to spend money on advertising.  In other words, if you can get all of the leads or sales you need from your SEO optimized website, social media sites and in-house list – STOP.  There is no need to spend money with Google, Yahoo or the thousands of other online advertising opportunities.

Are marketers following this mantra?  Unfortunately no.  When we asked how well they’ve optimized their websites for lead generation the answer was “Average”.  When we asked how well they’ve optimized their web sites for organic search, the answer was slightly less than “Average”.   These are pretty anemic results for the most used marketing channels.

Why?  I believe that even though companies are spending time on these channels and they believe in their potential, in most cases they don’t have the expertise, resources, or optimized programs to really maximize the potential of each one.  They are trying to make to make them work and investing in them, but there are structural or organizational obstacles in place that keep them from being excellent in these areas.

Have you done all you can to maximize these channels?   Would you rate your results as “Poor”, “Average” or Excellent?  Let me know.

– David Reske

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