What Is New In Google Adwords and Analytics?

On Tuesday, May 24, Google made some exciting new announcements for Advertisers using AdWords and Analytics products.  Three years ago, Google saw a shift to mobile in the search landscape and started to incorporate enhanced campaigns into their AdWords platform, which allowed for mobile bid adjustments. Today, continuing on with its mobile first approach, Google wants mobile bids to be more than just adjustments.  Soon advertisers in Adwords will have more flexibility and options across all devices. There will be an anchor bid for a device and then adjustments for all the other devices (mobile, tablet, and desktop). Google talked about brands, their mobile experiences, and the testing they embarked on to help those brands capture the “moments”  when people need to make decision or complete a task. These are the “I want to know, go, do, or buy” – moments.

Google also has been testing ad formats and saw that longer ad text  (50% more characters) had led to a 20% increase in CTR. As a result, Google will soon allow a double headline and have 1 long 80 character description line.

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Google will also be providing improvements to its display ad builder. Google AdWords just needs four pieces of information and they will create the ads for you. You provide Google with a headline, description, image, and URL and Google will take it from there to create the ads for you.

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Also, a new look and feel for your Adwords start page will start to be used by advertisers in late 2016, early 2017.  The new interface has a more graphical interface, highlighting performance by device as well as location.

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Google maps will also allow businesses to begin using promotional pins to show when searches are nearby or along their route.

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For Google analytics premium customers, the Google 360 platform will have better integration with Google products and other platforms in the future. Better collaboration is in store with sharing of reports that will allow a dynamic report to be edited by stake holders in real-time. Finally, better intelligence comes to Analytics as Google assistant will allow you to ask questions and Google will parse and then retrieve the information you are looking for.

Google has also mentioned that a free version of Data Studio will be available, allowing up to 5 reports.

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