Welcoming a New Employee

Welcoming a New Employee

Making someone feel welcome on his or her first day takes planning and coordination.  Here are three key steps to help you prepare for your new employee. These best practices are what we do at Nowspeed for all of our new hires.

  1. Prepare their Workspace.

Just as you would clean your home in anticipation of having guests, prepare a clean and organized work area for your new employee.  Make certain that you have a laptop and phone set-up and ready to go on your employee’s first day.  There is nothing more demotivating than showing up for a new job to discover that the company is not ready for you to start. Add personal touches like a company mug or t-shirt and handy items like a pad of paper and pen.

  1. Prepare a First Day Schedule.

Presenting new employees with a carefully planned schedule of events for their first day will make them feel secure in the fact that they are appreciated and welcome.  The first day at a new job comes with a lot of excitement, and some anxiety, no doubt.  A schedule will help to take some of the stress out of the first day experience.

A good First Day Schedule should include opportunities for your new employee to meet the people he/she will be working with (and for) like a team lunch at a nearby casual restaurant and the opportunity to sit in on typical meetings and/or conference calls.  Set aside ample time to meet with your HR department representative to learn about your company benefits, processes, and culture.  A good first day should not be rushed and should focus on introducing your new employee to your company and their job and should not be focused on productivity.

  1. Prepare an HR Checklist, Organizational Chart and IT Chart.

An HR Checklist is a great way to outline all of the company benefits, payroll, and employment items that new employees must consider and address in their first days as a new employee.  This checklist should identify TODO items for the employee and highlight key descriptive information for each item on the list.

An Organizational Chart that shows your new employee where they fit in your company will help them to feel part of the team right away.

An IT Chart that details all the technology tools and logins your company uses will help your new employee become familiar with each one.

A nice way to tie all of the first day items together is to make a branded packet for your new employee that includes their First Day Schedule, HR Checklist, Organizational Chart, and IT Chart.  This will be a referenceable document for your new employee to use while he/she becomes acclimated to your company.

In summary, as you prepare to welcome a new employee remember that getting off to a good start starts with a good first day.

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