Video Content is King!-Part 2: Product Demos

Your website is such a crucial aspect of your company’s image. The information and content you feed consumers is paramount to their experience. But how do you provide a great user experience?  One key way to do so is through the use of videos. More specifically, implement the use of product videos.

The number of videos watched online has increased over 900% in the last 8 years and YouTube is the #2 search engine behind Google. More than 83% of internet users consume video across all age groups and 93% of these viewers end up buying a product when a video is included in an introductory email or blog post. Needless to say, video works.

Demonstration videos give you a chance to show off your new product or service to a wide audience. You may know your product/service like the back of your hand, but consumers may not. Asking them to read an instructional set of directions just doesn’t cut it anymore. It has been proven that today’s consumers have a limited attention span, which requires you to convey important information in an easily digestible format. Product demos do just that.

Demonstration videos allow you not only to demo the product being used, but also to highlight its best features. People want to envision themselves using your product. Show them how awesome it is, how easy it to use, and all of the exceptional benefits to hook them as a customer. Promote your product demo videos on all of your social media platforms, in addition to your website, to maximize brand reach. If your video is great, followers might share it with two friends, who will tell two friends, and before you know it; your product has been exhibited to a vast audience. Implement the use of product demonstration videos in your next marketing campaign to see an increase in customer engagement, leads, and sales.

Let’s start accelerating your success.

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