Video Content is King! Part 3: Web Presenter Videos

If you’re like most digital marketers, then you realize the importance of integrating video into your marketing plan. The question is where will you find the budget and time to take on a task like producing a video specifically for marketing? You actually might already have video marketing assets that you can use for re-purpose for ongoing marketing efforts.

Studies show that video will be the number one focus of investment for content marketers going forward. Considering the power of video when combined with social media and mobile devices, there is no doubt why more business are turning to video in their marketing plans. With a well planned video marketing strategy, companies can get their message in front of more targeted prospects than ever before, and in a way that audiences prefer. Video has proven to be an effective means of promoting upcoming events and products, boosting demand, demonstrating tutorials, and more.

Video can be included in your digital marketing plan in a variety of ways. It can be used within social media, as part of an email, on your Youtube channel (which is hopefully optimized) or on your website. No matter where it is played, the video can help drive traffic, engage your customers, and provide education for your products. All with the benefits of driving traffic to your website, nurturing, and engaging.

But again, how do you get it done? Well, perhaps you already have a video produced, or are about to, and you just don’t know it. If your company facilitates webinars, record them and use them to your advantage. The quality of on board video cameras on your laptop or even your cell phone is far better than it ever was. You can use this recorded video webinar for ongoing marketing after the live webinar has taken place. Does your business have video assets from previously recorded company outings, speeches, or presentations? Editing videos can be easier than one might think. If the information is still relevant, feel free to clean up an older video with some editing for marketing purposes. There are plenty of online free editing tools for you to use to edit & cut down a longer video to 5 minutes or so. Once you do, put the video on YouTube and send out the link either on social media or through an email campaign.

If you regularly facilitate webinars or other content that you can record, taking the extra steps to make it into a traffic generating asset can be worthwhile. This is a great way to use video marketing without fully investing in brand new videos for marketing purposes. When you do have the time and budget, strongly consider taking the next step to produce a marketing video with a video production professional. In the meantime, be sure to leverage your existing video assets for digital marketing!

Let’s start accelerating your success.

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