Update Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

What’s New in LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn has become one of the most effective social media marketing platforms for delivering content and securing audience engagement. Each year, LinkedIn provides users with enhancements that positively impact the overall marketing experience of the platform. Most of LinkedIn’s recent updates and features can be best described under these three categories: Engaging Experiences, Expanding Relationships and Realizing Value.

Engaging Experiences

It’s no surprise that engagement is crucial to any business’s marketing plan. In an effort to allow users to have a more engaging experience, LinkedIn recently launched the following features:

With LinkedIn pages, businesses have the ability to promote their brand organically as well as engage with anyone who might show interest in their brand. The LinkedIn business pages now showcase two CTA’s, a follow button, and a custom CTA.  The custom CTA allows you to direct visitors to a contact page, a landing page, or to your website’s home page. There have also been advancements to allow you to view how many engaged users are clicking on your custom CTA, while also including details about who those users are. This information can all be found in the visitor analytics section of your page.  The enhancements to LinkedIn pages don’t stop there, there have also been mobile admin enhancements, designed to give admins the option to create posts and edit page information on the go. LinkedIn has also added a highlight reel, which allows admins to display their brand’s most relevant content and job opportunities to page viewers.

LinkedIn also recently announced the expansion of its Marketing Partner Program, which included enhancements to their audience engagement features. The Linkedin Audience Engagement API allows advertisers to improve their content strategy and deliver better ROI on both paid and organic posts. Current partners in the program include Amobee, Annalect, Hootsuite, Ogilvy, and Sprinklr.

One of the most exciting new video features is the introduction of LinkedIn Live. Similar to Facebook Live, LinkedIn users are now able to live stream content directly from their phones through the app. The content can include video from events, interviews, product launches, and much more. While this feature may currently be in the early testing phase, users can apply now to be considered in the beta testing!

Expanding Relationships

If you have ever advertised with Facebook, then you may have used a lookalike audience before. Lookalike audiences are useful because they enable advertisers to target new audiences that are similar to their ideal customers. As you may already know, users currently have the option to create matched lists on LinkedIn to reach audiences such as their website visitors, contacts, and target accounts. Now, with the Lookalike Audience feature, LinkedIn has the ability to create a “lookalike” audience of a user’s existing matched audiences. This is a great effort from LinkedIn to help users expand their reach to better target potential, high-quality customers.

Do you ever feel like you spend too much time trying to build out the perfect LinkedIn audience for your ads? New this year, LinkedIn has launched the option to use audience templates within ad campaigns. With over 20 predefined B2B audience options, advertisers are now able to more easily and efficiently achieve their goals. These audiences can contain characteristics such as member skills, job titles, and groups.

Another important new ad targeting option that LinkedIn has recently rolled out is interest targeting. With interest targeting, advertisers now have the ability to narrow their audience based on member interests. These interests are determined by LinkedIn based on member actions and engagements with specific content on LinkedIn, as well as Bing search history.

Realizing Value

Objective based advertising (OBA) on LinkedIn has been in beta since November 2018, but it was officially rolled out in June of this year. OBA keeps advertisers’ objectives at the forefront while they are creating their entire campaign. This feature also provides easier campaign reporting based on your objectives.


Stay tuned for Part 2 of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions where you will have the opportunity to learn about the upcoming features and enhancements that LinkedIn is planning to launch soon!


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