Understanding Your Buyer’s Journey

As you build your content marketing plan, you will quickly realize that the content you need for a buyer who is early in the buying process is very different that the content you need for buyers who are about to make a purchase. If you want to create content that matters, you’ll need to create content for your customers and prospects throughout the entire buyer’s journey. In most complex purchasing decisions, buyers often go through an awareness phase, an evaluation phase, and a purchase phase.

To understand your buyer’s journey, look at your own marketplace and ask yourself how your buyers make decisions. In every market and in every industry, this is going to be a little bit different. In general, a buyer starts his or her journey by identifying an issue or problem that they’re having. Then they start researching potential solutions to the problem. From there, they start evaluating products and then potential vendors. Finally they study alternative products and vendors so that they can finally make a decision. Along the way, they come up with a list of decision criteria that will help them make a decision.

While they are learning about options, studying alternatives, and talking to vendors, they will also be building a set of decision criteria to help them choose the best solution. Once they finish their research, they will start evaluating vendors and products and finally make a purchase decision.

By fully understanding the buyer’s journey for your products or services, you can create a content marketing program that is specific to their needs and generate more engagement and leads. For more insight, download this complete white paper on Creating a Content Marketing Strategy.