Keeping up With the Latest Social Media Trends: Twitter Fleets & Instagram Shopping

Twitter Fleets

There’s a new way to share on Twitter, and it might be a feature that you’ve seen before. Twitter recently released Fleets, a sharing option that allows you to post your thoughts with the promise of disappearing in 24 hours. Sound familiar? This feature is similar to the well-known and used Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories. You can even see which Twitter users have viewed your Fleets. Here’s a brief overview of the feature:

  • Fleets can include text, video, GIFs, links and photos
  • Twitter users can reply to your Fleet
  • If you have open DMs, anyone can react to your Fleets 
  • Your Fleets will appear in your followers timeline 
  • You can delete a Fleet at any time (it will always be automatically removed after 24 hours)

What are the benefits of Twitter Fleets for businesses?

  • Your followers scroll through Twitter faster than they do most other platforms, so they often miss your posts. Fleets provides a new opportunity to stay in front of your followers. 
  • Fleets take up a user’s full screen. Without the distractions that come with the Twitter feed, your followers might be more apt to read and digest your content.
  • You can include a link to your website in your Fleet to drive traffic. 
  • You can take Q&A’s, follower shoutouts, contests, coupon codes etc to the next level by sharing it to Fleets. This gives it a more personal feel for the Twitter user. 

For more information on using Fleets check out this video: https://twitter.com/Twitter/status/1328684389388185600 

instagram shopping

Instagram Shop Tab

If you’re on Instagram on a daily basis, you’ve realized by now that the layout has changed. If you’re just checking now, you’ll see that Instagram has included a shopping tab and it’s curated just for you. The shop tab makes it easy for you to shop your favorite brands, support local businesses, and find unique gifts for the important people in your life. This is the first time that Instagram has updated their layout in years. The Instagram Shop Tab provides a great opportunity for ecommerce businesses to reach both new and existing offers.

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