What do Twitter’s new anti-harassment features mean for businesses?

What do Twitter’s new anti-harassment features mean for businesses?

Social media platforms are constantly evolving and it’s hard to keep up with all the changes.

In November, Twitter announced that the company will enhance its efforts to reduce harassment on its platform. Since then, new features have been added, including the most recent “timeout” tool. While this helps overcome some of the challenges of cyberbullying, it could have other implications in terms of business. So, what exactly are we dealing with here?


Mute “Egg” profiles or unverified accounts: 

An “Egg” profile has not added a picture and still displays Twitter’s default egg icon, while an unverified account contains contact information that has not yet been confirmed. Both account characteristics imply that it is an unauthentic user.

Twitter users are now given the option to mute unverified or “egg” profiles, therefore not getting notifications relating to their posts or activity.

What this means for businesses:

Phony accounts sometimes send offensive or negative tweets to business accounts for no reason at all. Businesses are now able to mute any illegitimate accounts that might be pestering them.

Timeout feature:

Using an algorithm, Twitter will flag harassers even if their account has not been reported yet. When an account is put in “timeout”, their tweets are temporarily restricted to only their followers.

What this means for businesses:

Bogus accounts will be temporarily silenced when trolling your business account, and only their followers will see their negative tweets.


Mute specific words:

Allows users to avoid seeing posts or activity containing a certain word or phrase.

What this means for businesses:

If users in your target market mute words that relate to your industry or business, then they won’t see your posts. This could decrease reach, engagement, and possible conversions.

Overall, businesses should feel optimistic about Twitter’s new tools. Pay close attention as new anti-harassment features continue to roll out in upcoming months. When all is said and done, Nowspeed applauds Twitter for being proactive in taking measures to reduce cyber bullying.

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