Twitter Announces Changes to 140 Character Limit

We have all been frustrated at least once in our Twitter lifetime by trying to squeeze a message into the dreaded 140 character limit. Whether it’s abbreviating words, not posting that essential photo or just throwing away grammar all together, it seems like trying to stay under 140 characters is altering how we want to communicate with others. Luckily, Twitter has announced that in the coming months they will make changes to simplify Tweets, as well as make adjustments to what counts towards the 140 character limit.

So, what exactly is going to change? First and foremost, usernames will not count towards the 140 characters. This means that when you reply to someone using @theirname, you can do so without worrying that your message will have to be shortened in the process.

Along with usernames, media attachments also won’t affect your character limit. This allows you to post photos, videos, polls, GIFS, and Quote Tweets all you want!

Feel like you had a great post that went unnoticed or want to reflect on a past post? No worries, Twitter is now adding a Retweet button on your own Tweets so that you can Retweet or Quote Tweet yourself.

The last of Twitters’ changes will be eliminating the period before the @. Previously, if you were to Tweet at someone, but wanted all of your followers to see it, you would have to place a period before the @username. Twitter is finally eliminating this step and now any Tweets can begin with “@username …” and all of your followers will still see it.

It seems Twitter is finally listening to its’ users and adapting to how they want to use the platform. Twitter users want to post photos and videos, they want to communicate back and forth, and they want to reflect on their own posts. They don’t want to have to worry about the rules of Twitter and altering their posts trying to meet requirements. These new updates will allow users to interact more smoothly and efficiently without thinking twice about adding that extra photo to their post. They will also improve the experience of marketing on Twitter.

These changes are important because they give Twitter users more freedom while also maintaining the style that Twitter was built off of: brief, fast, easy-to-read conversations. While Twitter made it harder to reach that 140 character limit, they didn’t eliminate it altogether. This way, Twitter can stay true to its initial purpose. It will be exciting to see these changes take place in the coming months, as well as how Twitter users take advantage of them.

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