Top 10 Cost-Saving Tips for Google Pay Per Click Marketing

While listening in on Nowspeed’s ‘Marketing in Tough Times’ seminar recently, I realized that today’s marketers are craving tips on how to make smarter and more strategic decisions in these tough economic times. That’s why I decided to compile the list below featuring Nowspeed’s 10 cost-saving tips for Google pay per click marketing.  Follow these best practice tips and you’ll be well on your way to running an optimized campaign.

  1. Geo-Targeting – Only focus on the regions where you are interested in selling or have dedicated sales support. Otherwise, you will waste impressions, clicks and, ultimately, dollars on non-targeted areas.
  2. Ad Scheduling – Chances are, your target audience is more engaged and of higher quality at certain times of day. Compare time of day to quality leads and only run ads during this time. You will maximize your budget at times that lead to quality conversions.
  3. Targeted Keywords – Narrow down your keyword list to those that are highly relevant to your business, i.e. coffee franchise vs. franchise. Use Google’s Keyword tool to identify keywords that could work for you.
  4. Strategic Bidding – Avoid automatic campaign-wide or AdGroup-wide bids. Monitor individual keyword performance and set individual bids based on average position, business relevancy and performance.
  5. Negative Keywords – Use the search query report to identify any keywords that trigger your ad but are not relevant to your business. Exclude irrelevant clicks and wasted dollars by utilizing negative keywords.
  6. Match Type – Broad match keywords will sometimes trigger your ad for an unrelated search term. Utilize phrase and exact match to ensure you’re only showing up for relevant searches.
  7. Strategically Aligned Keywords, Ad Copy, Landing Page and Offer – You already know it all comes down to your offer. If prospects aren’t interested in your white paper topic then they won’t click on your ads. However, if your message is not aligned throughout your keywords, ad copy, and landing page, prospects might skim your 95-character ad, think they’re interested enough to click, but get to your landing page and realize they’re not, wasting your budget.
  8. Site Exclusion – If you’re opted into the content network, be sure to run a placement report every few weeks and eliminate irrelevant clicks/impressions by removing your ads from sites with low business-relevancy.
  9. Conversion Tracking – Implement conversion tracking on ALL thank you pages so you can understand which keywords/ads are driving the highest number of leads. And if possible, link your CRM system to AdWords so you can measure quality.
  10. Outsource – Finally, if you don’t have the resources to devote to your PPC monitoring every day, hire experts who are trained in optimization and management.

Leverage these settings and best practice techniques today and start 2009 with a strategically optimized pay per click program.

Let’s start accelerating your success.

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