Thoughts on Google Instant

Google Instant is a hot topic.  Designed as an enhancement to show results as you type when you are logged into a Google property, it is predicted to save 2-5 seconds per search and provide instant results as the screen changes right before your eyes.  http://www.google.com/instant/

Both our clients and internal teams have talked about this new feature in detail.  Some are worried that for AdWords, Impression rates will increase without clicks, so click through rates – and quality scores – will decrease.  However, Google states that an Impression is not registered unless a person clicks the submit button, hits enter or doesn’t change the search query for three seconds.

What else will it do and how will this change the face of Google search?   Again, much discussion about how ‘Head’ searches (a simple query like ‘dentist’) vs. ‘Long Tail’ searches (a longer and more specific query like ‘dentist in Westborough Massachusetts’) will affect the time it takes a person to find what they seek.

I think it will increase the speed for both types of queries depending on the target market.  Try this for yourself:  Type in ‘Running  Shoes’.  This shows all the different types of running shoes but it also displays the Longer Tail and more specific searches which will help the searcher find exactly what they want.  Notice both the specific location and types of ‘running shoes’ on the dropdown list.  Click and go!

It is quite easy to see how much faster results appear when using the new Google Instant feature and analyzing the results will help us market our products and services more efficiently in the future.

Let’s start accelerating your success.

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