The Importance of Website Maintenance

In previous blog posts, we covered how your message should be updated as well as the importance of continued digital marketing during the pandemic and recovery.

What about your website? If you are driving traffic to your website, your website needs to deliver.

Stay up-to-date

According to Forbes, internet traffic has increased 70% due to COVID-19 lockdowns. Are you taking advantage of that increased usage? Take a fresh look at your website traffic to see if your keyword list (your list of targeted words your customers would include in searches to find you) could benefit from an update. COVID-19 has shifted customer priorities – last month’s searches for ‘hand sanitizer’ have been replaced by this month’s searches for ‘home office furniture’ – check to see if any previously low trafficked keywords or pages are suddenly spiking and could lead to new opportunities. Armed with your updated keyword list, review and edit your content, metatags and images alt tags. Search engines AND users appreciate new content; consistently adding and adjusting messaging improves search results and drives repeat traffic. Consider content review as an ongoing process, and react fast, as needs change quickly.

Revise content if needed

Your website is likely your first point of contact with your customers. Is it doing everything that it can for you, both now and as we recover? Your website starts the work of qualifying your customers. In light of social distancing and minimizing face to face contact, look to ways it can take that work further. Revisit content with an eye to qualifying customers as thoroughly as possible; changes could be as simple as moving discussions that would normally happen face to face later in the sales process to a page on your site to setting up full on e-commerce storefront. Particularly if your business is brick and mortar, any steps you can take to reduce person to person contact will ease customers concerns about the safety of buying – whether it be online ordering and delivery from a restaurant or confirming before a visit that a product is in stock and available today for curbside pickup. Ensure your website has a clear Call to Action for your customers to take the next step. As we recover and businesses return to normal, leads highly qualified via your website means easier sales.

Be transparent

In addition, consider adding a page to your site to discuss what your company is doing to address the crisis. Following a suggestion by New Media Campaigns, don’t just address COVID-19 by a banner or message on your home page but by a page linked from your main navigation (or other consistently present element) – users arriving from search engine results may not initially go to your home page. Address what your company is doing to keep its customers and employees safe. If you have a brick and mortar business, also discuss what changes you’ve made to keep visitors safe while doing business in person  – safety is paramount to potential customers – the more detail you can provide to a customer before they arrive can help overcome objections to visiting your business. Make sure the page is kept up to date with regard to procedures and business hour changes – customers will be relying on this information more than ever.

Prepare for the recovery

Has the pandemic has left you with downtime? Prepare for the recovery. Hard hit segments like the travel industry have pivoted from new bookings to customer retention. While bookings are down, web traffic isn’t. By continuing with digital marketing, blog posts, white papers, tech briefs and social posts, you can continue to drive visitors to your site, create back links from social shares and build brand awareness and visibility for when we return to business as usual. If you are giving to the local community, make mention of that on your ‘COVID-19’ page – customers will remember how you responded to the crisis.

We will recover. In the meantime, if you are able to make adjustments to your website, changes made now will help ramp up business once we’re back to normal and may even uncover new opportunities on the way there. If you need help optimizing your website to recover from the COVID-19 crisis, check out our Website and Content services!


Let’s start accelerating your success.

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