The Buyer’s Journey: Digital Marketing & Online Behavior

The Buyer’s Journey: Digital Marketing & Online Behavior

A few weeks ago, I asked work colleagues to share their own experiences on how they interact with a brand and convert on the web. The exercise was to screen capture the process and tell their story on the path of the buyer’s journey. Amazingly, we were able to find some common trends, as well as few unique instances. [Read more…]

Twitter Announces Changes to 140 Character Limit

We have all been frustrated at least once in our Twitter lifetime by trying to squeeze a message into the dreaded 140 character limit. Whether it’s abbreviating words, not posting that essential photo or just throwing away grammar all together, it seems like trying to stay under 140 characters is altering how we want to communicate with others. Luckily, Twitter has announced that in the coming months they will make changes to simplify Tweets, as well as make adjustments to what counts towards the 140 character limit. [Read more…]

Rock Your Next Event Using Social Media

Your organization is doing everything possible to promote that big upcoming event, whether it is a trade show, speaking engagement, or company outing, but are you taking advantage of social media marketing for event promotion? Leveraging platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn should be part of every event marketing strategy. Doing so can help you achieve a variety of goals, including increasing event attendance, building brand awareness, and driving more visits to your website. Follow the quick tips below to create a buzz on social media [Read more…]