How to Use AdWords Scripts to Optimize Paid Search Performance

How to Use AdWords Scripts to Optimize Paid Search Performance

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What Are AdWords Scripts?

AdWords scripts provide the opportunity to automate, customize and control your AdWords account with a simple JavaScript code. Scripts allow account managers to go beyond the provided tools in AdWords by leveraging external factors.

Why Should I Use Them?

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To the Digital Marketing World: Reach Higher in 2017

To the Digital Marketing World:   Reach Higher in 2017


With 2016 behind us, it is a good time for sales reps and digital marketers alike to reflect on his or her progress throughout the year and set new goals for 2017. Measuring results with KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and tracking progress is a great way to see how far one has come and where one can make improvements. It’s an exciting time for the Digital Marketing World, with video content on the rise, and new technology and apps coming out every day (think Virtual Reality). Now Digital Marketing teams must ask themselves, what can we do to reach higher in 2017? Here’s a few tips to get started. [Read more…]

The Six Major Areas of a Digital Marketing Technology Architecture

The Six Major Areas of a Digital Marketing Technology Architecture

As digital marketing has grown over the last few years, we’ve seen hundreds of new tools evolve and it’s been challenging for many marketers to use all of them effectively. In this blog article, I’ll give you a framework to help you understand the types of tools you could be using to help you build and manage your marketing programs.

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Creating a Content Marketing Strategy to Attract Your Target Audience

With the help of tablets, laptops, smartphones, and the Internet in general, more people are relying on the convenience of online shopping to find everything they need and want. CPC Strategy reported that mobile ecommerce growth has been steady since 2009, while ecommerce sales have grown by 10 percent a year. For this reason, marketers need to put a majority of their time and energy into creating compelling digital and content marketing campaigns that will intrigue potential customers to keep reading. There is more to digital marketing than just using social media and creating a blog when you get a chance; it takes dedication, strategy, and consistency to create a campaign that gets results.

Content is Still King

The phrase “Content is King” was never more true than it is today. According to the Content Marketing Institute, [Read more…]

Tackling SEO By Yourself? Here’s Why You Should Use An SEO Agency

Tackling SEO By Yourself? Here’s Why You Should Use an SEO Agency

We have all witnessed how internet searches have taken over our lives. The instant a question comes up somebody whips out their smartphone and Googles an answer quicker than you can say “swipe right.” If you are a retailer or business that relies on prospects easily connecting with you online, then it is crucial that your company appear at the top of those results. In fact, Hubspot reports that 60% of all organic clicks go to the organic top three search results.
The best way to achieve dominance in search results is through search engine optimization, or SEO. But how can a busy business entrepreneur keep up with the constantly changing SEO world? Just when everybody thought they completely understood keywords and content marketing, Google began fine-tuning their search algorithms to focus more on user intent, and to search for content that is fresh and topical.

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