Social Media Success in 14 Steps: #5 Identify Content and People

Social Media programs require a lot of content, so instead of planning to create everything from scratch, take an inventory of what already exists that you can use for this program.

Do you have video, white papers, presentations, case studies, web pages, articles or even press releases that can be repurposed for your social media campaign?  You may not want to take a two year old case study and pass it off as new content, but there is no reason you can’t repackage key facts in the case study for a series of tweets, or even promote it again on Twitter.  You should build as comprehensive an inventory of content as possible so that you can avoid recreating the wheel and hit the ground running with a stream of strong content.

Social media is very personal.  Your readers will want to know who they are talking to, and learn as much about them as possible.  It’s important, therefore, to recruit a group of internal leaders who can act as spokespeople for the campaign.  It’s wonderful if your CEO is a gifted writer and can invest time for the social media campaign, but it’s also fine to have a group of executives who will participate in the program over time.

To get leverage in a social media program, you’ll want to get other industry influencers to talk about you and pass along your content to their audience.  You can find these people by searching for twitter users who are talking about your or your keywords with the most followers.  You can also search for people in your industry using a service which ranks their overall influence.  Since you have limited time to get build relationships with influencers, spend your time getting the most influential people in your industry to like and promote your content.

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