Social Media Success in 14 Steps: #13 Optimize your Website

Social media programs are very dynamic with new content being added every day. Websites, however, are often static. One way to leverage social media content on your website is to add unique RSS feeds from social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogs in categories that align to your website’s content, and open your thought-leadership content like white papers and articles up for discussion on those networks. This will bring fresh content to your website automatically and give your users yet another reason to visit your pages.

Another way to add interaction to your website is to let your website visitors share and bookmark your content with AddThis or ShareThis social media sharing tools. These should be persistent links out to social networks from every page of your website. Make sure that your brand and social media presence is consistent on both sites.

You can also build transparency and the human element into your website with videos, photo sharing and profiles of your team, customer’s profiles, video case studies and/or product reviews. People generally feel like they know the person they are interacting with better when they see a picture and/or know something about their personal and professional interests. Most websites are very sterile and tell you very little about the people behind the company. By including more content about the team, you will make the website seem more authentic and approachable.

Since you will be producing a lot of social media content, you can bring it all together on one gateway by building a “hub page” or “newsroom” on your site that will bring together the latest social media content from a variety of sources.

If you’d like to read my white paper on Social Media Success in 14 Steps, please click here.

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