Social Media Success in 14 Steps: #11 Optimizing Your Platforms

Once you have your social media platforms up and running and you’re gaining fans and followers, it’s time to start optimizing the campaign in both quantity and quality. By looking at the most important metrics and using what you learn, you can improve the results of your social media programs.

To improve your efforts quantitatively, you’ll need to collect important metrics including: the number of content posts, followers and likes, website visits and conversions. By tracking these metrics you’ll be able to see how effective you are driving fans and followers, and how people respond to your content.

Social media, of course, is not just about the numbers. You also need to see which content is most effective at driving results.  You can track the click-through rate for various types of posts and see which drives the best results.  For example, do press releases, product announcements, free content or coupon offers drive the best results? Or is there a specific topic or message that people respond to better?  By tracking the response rate for these various types of content, you’ll be able to see what types of content work best and adjust your editorial calendar accordingly.

Another important part of managing an ongoing social media program is responding to comments and feedback. The more interaction you get with your audience, the more effective the results will be. The interaction may take the form of comments on your blog or Facebook page, or direct messages on Twitter.  Whatever the interaction, it’s important to personally address each one to make people feel like you are listening and interested in what they have to say, since those people may be important influencer’s who could help spread your word to thousands of other people.

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