Rock Your Next Event Using Social Media

Your organization is doing everything possible to promote that big upcoming event, whether it is a trade show, speaking engagement, or company outing, but are you taking advantage of social media marketing for event promotion? Leveraging platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn should be part of every event marketing strategy. Doing so can help you achieve a variety of goals, including increasing event attendance, building brand awareness, and driving more visits to your website. Follow the quick tips below to create a buzz on social media before, during, and after your event.

Pre-Event Teasing

Before your event takes place, be sure to use your social media profiles to inform your followers of the specific event details. This includes posting about where and when the event takes place, highlighting any important speakers or topics, and explaining where your company can be found (booth number, room number, etc). Be sure to post with enthusiasm to build excitement for the event and encourage attendance and engagement.  On Twitter, identify the event hashtag(s) and use them in your tweets! This will categorize your content with all of the other posts around that event. If the event you are promoting is not large enough to have its own hashtag, go ahead and create your own. You can aim to start lightly promoting your event as early as two months in advance, but be sure to increase your event promotion as the date nears. Use posts right before the event as last-minute reminders to your social media audience. Before you head to the event, be sure to get your social media apps and bookmarks in order! You will want to leverage social media marketing not only before, but during the event as well.

Live Content Posting

Social media is one of the best channels-if not the best- for live updates. You should be posting during the event with live updates & commentary on the event happenings. Use photos, live videos, interviews and other multimedia content to stimulate even more engagement on your posts. If someone from your company is speaking at the event, take a video and share it! Doing so will help with positioning your brand as a thought leader in the industry. Remember, you don’t have to only share event updates through your company’s social media profiles, you can share from personal accounts as well. If you are sharing from your personal account, make sure that you are referencing the company (@mention the company handle on Twitter) and like, comment, and share the content from your company account. This will help to maximize your company page’s post reach by sharing with your own network. If multiple employees each share the company’s content from their personal accounts, the post reach can be exponentially increased. Being active on social media during your event is a great way to spread the event activity to those who were unable to attend.

Post-Event Recaps

After your event has ended, your social media efforts should still continue. To make the most of your event marketing efforts, post about the main highlights of your event across all of your social media channels. One of the most effective ways of recapping the key points is to write a blog post. This adds valuable content to your website, while also serving as great social media content to share. Just because the event is over, does not mean you should forget about it! It is likely that a significant amount of effort was put towards your attendance and participation in the event, so make the most of it by following up with your key insights and accomplishments.

By integrating your social media marketing efforts into your event strategy with pre-event, live-event, and post-event content, you can maximize your overall success. Keep these tips in mind as you plan and promote your organization’s next big event.

Let’s start accelerating your success.

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