Simple SEO Tools to Diagnose Your Website

There are days where I feel like somewhat of an auto mechanic; instead of being asked to provide a diagnosis on a car that is in need of repair, I am asked to repair websites that have been neglected and just never had the basic maintenance done. Like a mechanic, I also use a bunch of tools to diagnose areas of a website that need to be fixed; to help improve website visibility and get it back in good repair.

With so many SEO tools out there which ones should you focus on using to provide a quick diagnostic of the health of your site?

The first SEO tool I like to use when reviewing a website is a plugin for FireFox.  Rank Checker from SEObook provides a quick, “on the fly” way to check a websites visibility and rankings in the search engines.  Once the plugin is installed you can open the program and type in the keywords you would like to check, along with the website’s URL. There are hundreds of tools that are similar, but this one is simple and easy to use.

Xenu’s Link Sleuth, is also a great tool to audit your website’s pages and have a comprehensive overview of your website’s URLs, Title Tags and Meta Descriptions. This tool can help expedite the process of where to begin by allowing you to see some basic SEO elements. Once familiar using this tool, Xenu can also be used to create a report that provides broken links and error pages found within your website, which I find helpful to keep your website in good working order.

The third tool I like to use to have a quick basic understanding of SEO page content is also a plugin for FireFox. Quirk SearchStatus gives a user a few options like page links and Meta info, but the most useful components are the keyword highlighting and keyword density of a page function. If you want to see how often a specific keyword is used and where it used, just enter the keyword and a pop up screen gives you the page’s content in relation to the keyword usage.

Using these 3 SEO tools will not solve all your SEO problems, and you will still need to determine how to resolve the SEO issues you uncover, but they are invaluable, and tools that I use every day to quickly assess a website and understand what is going on.

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