Seth Godin’s Latest Book, Tribes

In his latest book, Tribes, Seth Godin refers to a post, “1,000 True Fans,” that Kevin Kelly wrote on his blog, The Technium.  It’s a classic post, a must read for marketers and business people, encapsulating a notion that is so relevant and timely in the age of social media.

As Seth says in Tribes about this post…

“A true fan, he [Kelly] argues, is a member of the tribe who cares deeply about you and your work.  That person will cross the street to buy from you or bring a friend to hear you or invest a little extra to support you.”

“An individual artist needs only a thousand true fans in her tribe.  It’s enough.”

“It’s enough because a thousand fans will bring you enough attention and support to make a great living, to reach more people, to do great work.  It’s enough because a thousand fans, true fans, form a tribe.”

Of course, that’s one of the reasons for the existence of this blog, Internet Marketing Strategies and Secrets.  We’re forming our own small tribe.  Yes, through this blog, not to mention all of our other social media activities (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.), Nowspeed is going a long way toward making even more true fans out of each and every one of those who discover us.

What about you and your organization?  What are you doing to form your own tribe?  There are many ways to go about it, of course, but publishing your own blog would be a natural first step. Blogging is a great way to build deep, mutually-beneficial relationships with each and every one of your constituents, those who are capable of following you till the end of time as long as they can trust you for your transparency, authenticity and ability to lead them in the right direction.

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