Offer Copywriting & Design

White papers and eBooks make powerful offers
that can improve the ROI of your lead generation campaigns.

White papers and eBooks make powerful offers that can improve the ROI of your lead generation campaigns. What makes them so unique? They work double duty to both inform—and influence—your customers and prospects towards your brand. Yet the key to success is professional eBook and white paper development that results in a high-value product that fully satisfies reader expectation, creating a ready and willing recipient of subsequent communications from your company.

Nowspeed has the writing and design expertise to quickly produce high-quality eBooks and white papers. Simply give us a topic and we’ll take it from there with research, interviews, copywriting and design. You’ll end up with an offer that:

  • Improves the effectiveness of your pay-per-click campaigns and other lead generation activities
  • Motivates prospects to enter your sales pipeline at points of lead capture
  • Sets up a faster sales cycle with a more informed, better qualified prospect
  • Reinforces the power of your brand, helping you to establish a position of thought leadership in your industry
  • Seeds conversations about your company and offerings in social media channels

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Looking to establish your business as an industry leader? A thoughtfully prepared white paper can accomplish the task. Start by selecting a relevant topic that’s tied to your brand. Include research statistics and industry data to ensure your white paper is perceived as credible and valuable. Package it with engaging headlines, charts and graphics in an easy-to-read layout that keeps customers and prospects engaged.

Want to influence customers and prospects further toward your brand? An eBook is an excellent tool for pointing a reader toward your unique key value proposition in a slick, highly graphic format that people will want to read. Target your story toward an industry “pain point” for best results. Offer insight into best practices that steer readers toward your brand. Update your eBook often to keep it current. Make it interactive by including links to your blog or website.

We pride ourselves in creating exceptional white papers and eBooks that significantly improve lead generation outcomes. Request a free consultation today to learn more.