How To Leverage SEO To Enable Better And Cheaper Digital Advertising

How To Leverage SEO To Enable Better And Cheaper Digital Advertising

In many organizations the people who manage SEO are separate from the people who manage digital advertising through Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or other channels.  If you are using an agency, it’s sometimes even tempting to hire a separate SEO agency from your Digital Advertising agency. This siloed approach creates missed opportunities.

SEO can drive free traffic to your website, but visitors often land on blog or other content pages without offers to convert that traffic to leads.  By integrating your SEO strategy with remarketing advertising, you can convert visitors to leads and make your advertising more effective.Remarketing SEO Nowspeed

One of the best ways to use digital advertising is through remarketing. Remarketing is a technique that allows you to show ads across the internet to people who have already been to your website. This is very powerful, since people who’ve been to your website know who you are but may not have been ready to buy or engage during their first visit.  By continuing to show them ads, you can nurture the connection and provide more opportunities for them to purchase from you or request information.  Remarketing is often the lowest cost form of digital advertising for most organizations.

Remarketing works well, but people first need to visit your website for it to work.  Organic traffic is great way to build this traffic to make your digital advertising more efficient.  This means that the more organic traffic you get, the more effective your advertising becomes. And this efficiency can be huge when you consider that the cost per click on some digital advertising campaigns can be $10 while a remarketing click can be just $1.

An investment in building organic traffic through SEO makes your advertising more effective by allowing you to shift more of your budget to remarketing and make your campaigns work harder for you.


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