Search Engine Marketing Growth

At Nowspeed we do a lot of Search Engine Marketing work, so it’s easy to take for granted that everyone understands why it’s important.   Here are a couple of stats that I share in my conference presentations that may help put it into context.

Last year over $8 billion was spent on paid search marketing and this is projected to grow to over $11 billion by 2010 according to the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization  (SEMPO).  All direct marketing spending if the US last year was about $166 billion.  Search marketing is taking a larger and larger share of total direct marketing spending and is growing faster than any other area.

Marketing Sherpa recently ran a survey and asked which types of programs people thought worked “great” and which ones “disappointed”.  Paid search marketing came out on top with 52% saying it worked great and only 8% were disappointed.   Clearly this is an important area for most companies.



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