What’s New in Social Media for 2018

Each year, Social Media continues to evolve as existing platforms roll out updates to tools, features & advertising options, and new platforms try to make waves in the very competitive social landscape. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & Snapchat are all announcing exciting new features or changes that we can expect in the coming year, and if you’re looking to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in Social Media, this is a must-see webinar for you.

Join Nowspeed’s Social Media Manager, Jillian Wallace, for the on-demand webinar, What’s New in Social Media for 2018, to learn about:

  • Facebook’s News Feed overhaul and what you can do to stay relevant
  • Instagram’s new tools making the platform more important for marketers than ever
  • The latest Snapchat feature roll out making it impossible for brands to avoid the platform
  • The newest tips & tricks for effective LinkedIn advertising (spoiler alert: native video is coming FINALLY!)

Simply fill out the form on this page to watch this free webinar right now and learn how to utilize the latest trends to improve your social media marketing program.