Social Media Insights from 700+ Companies

Webinar: Social Media Insights from 700+ Companies

Nowspeed researched over 700 company’s social media programs in seven industries in all 50 states and uncovered:

  • The best content they use to drive engagement
  • The optimum posting frequency across channels
  • The number of followers they’ve gained on the major platforms
  • The most popular social media channels

The 700 companies researched were part of the technology, private education, insurance, retail, and finance industries. The top companies in these industries have learned how to optimize their social media efforts and this webinar will show how they’ve built their followers and used content to gain an advantage in the marketplace. It will also help you benchmark your social media marketing and set goals for the coming year.

Join David Reske and Jillian Wallace in this recorded webinar.

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Webinar: Social Media Insights

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