Competitor Webinar Banner Webinar: Top 10 Competitive Metrics You Need To Start Tracking Now

Insight on what your competitors are doing can make a powerful impact on your business.  You can use competitive intelligence to develop new products and services, prepare your sales and marketing teams to counter their claims, and get ideas for new marketing campaigns. Your competitors are constantly broadcasting their messages via social media, digital ad platforms, and their own website, but it’s often difficult to check these sites every time there is a change in order to stay on top.

Join Tom McGovern, Nowspeed’s VP of Services, and Jillian Wallace, Nowspeed’s Social Media Marketing Manager, for an in-depth video webinar, “Top 10 Competitive Metrics You Need to Start Tracking Now”. In this recorded video webinar, Tom and Jillian will show you what Social Media, SEO, and website metrics to monitor and how to use them to get a leg-up on your competitors.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What social media metrics to track including followers and engagement
  • What content you can track and how influencers are engaging with it
  • What PPC keyword opportunities that your competitors are using
  • What SEO keyword visibility opportunities are out there
  • What landing page and website changes you should be tracking

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