5 Ways to Scientifically Optimize Your Cross Channel Ad CRegister Nowampaigns

It used to be easy managing cross-channel campaigns, because you probably only had one. Today your ad dollars are (or soon will be) spread across Google Text Ads, Display, Programmatic, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.

Using this 5-Step process you can move from guess-work to scientifically making the best decisions to allocate funds across channels and campaigns.

Join David Reske, President and Founder of Nowspeed Marketing, in this on-demand webinar. David will show you how to:

• Normalize Cross-Channel Ad Data
• Identify campaign and channel effectiveness based on your goals
• Understand your risk tolerance for change
• Make precise decisions to reallocate funds across channels
• Predict the specific impact of each change

Are you ready to stop guessing and move to a predictive analytics approach to campaign management? Watch the webinar now to see how much better your campaign performance can be.