How to Get More Leads from a Virtual Trade Show

Online Trade Show


How to Get More Leads from a Virtual Trade Show

Trade shows have been an important part of your lead gen program for years but now the world has changed and they are going online. Are you ready to use them effectively to drive leads?

Exhibitors have always loved trade shows because it’s the place where buyers come together and they can generate leads. At the traditional trade show booth potential buyers can get product information,  watch a demo, ask product questions, interact with company executives, request product samples or a free trial, and even enter a contest.

Now that trade shows have gone online, sponsors are missing this valuable opportunity to drive leads because they don’t have a fast and easy way to create the online equivalent of the show booth.  Instead, they are simply linking their sponsorship badge to an info page or their home page where users can easily get lost and don’t get the information they need.

Join David Reske,  Nowspeed’s CEO for this Webinar where you will learn:

  • What visitors actually want in a virtual show booth
  • How to design a booth that’s right for you
  • How to balance interactivity and content at the booth
  • How to leverage digital marketing to drive traffic and leads

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