Digital Advertising Strategy

How to Create a Comprehensive Digital Advertising Strategy

Isn’t digital advertising strategy an oxymoron?  After all, it’s so easy to create a Google, LinkedIn or Facebook advertising account and start spending money to drive traffic. Why bother with strategy?

Whether your goal is generating leads, driving sales or building brand awareness, you need a comprehensive strategy to use your precious ad dollars in the most effective way possible.

This webinar will present a six-step approach to creating a powerful strategy that is guaranteed to improve your results.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to determine the real business possibilities for digital advertising
  • How to determine the best messages offers for your target audience.
  • How to structure your campaigns to meet your business goals
  • How to create test plans and document your learning so you don’t repeat your mistakes
  • How to make logical cross-channel budget allocation decisions using math

Please join David Reske, Nowspeed’s President and Founder, for this insightful on-demand webinar.

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